A Stitch in Time (2018)

A Stitch in Time (2018)

Year: 2018

Duration: 90 min

Genres: Biography, Documentary, History

Writer: Adam Reeve

Stars: Amber Butchart, Ninya Mikhaila, Harriet Waterhouse

Style expert and fashion historian Amber Butchart fuses biography, art and the history of fashion as she explores the lives of historical figures by examining the clothes that they wore.

IMDb: TT7822618

Rating: 8/10 from 5

Season 1
Season 1
E1. Charles II
Amber Butchart begins by examining portraits of King Charles II to draw up patterns for items of clothing that can be recreated using historical methods by tailor Ninya Mikhaila.
7 links 03 Jan 2018
E2. Arnolfini
In this edition of the show Amber and the team attempt to recreate the clothes worn in one of the most studied and most complex paintings in the history of European art - the Arnol...
4 links 10 Jan 2018
E3. The Hedge Cutter
Amber visits Broughton Castle to examine an unusual portrait of an ordinary worker, a hedge cutter. The team then try to recreate the clothing he is shown wearing, which reveals in...
2 links 17 Jan 2018
E4. Dido
24 Jan 2018
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