Cannon (1971)

Cannon (1971)

Years: 1971−1976

Duration: 60 min

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Crime, Mystery

Writer: Edward Hume

Stars: Patrick Culliton, William Conrad, Tom Pittman

Frank Cannon is an overweight, balding ex-cop with a deep voice and expensive tastes in culinary pleasures; he becomes a high-priced private investigator.

IMDb: TT0066636

Rating: 6.7/10 from 1543

Season 1
Season 1
The Salinas Jackpot E1. The Salinas Jackpot
An insurance company hires Cannon to track down the men who robbed a rodeo of $100,000.
1 link 14 Sep 1971
Death Chain E2. Death Chain
Hired to investigate a bank secretary's murder, Cannon unearths a scheme involving blackmail and robbery.
1 link 21 Sep 1971
Call Unicorn E3. Call Unicorn
When a series of costly truck hijackings leads to murder, Cannon's brought in to capture the thieves.
1 link 28 Sep 1971
Country Blues E4. Country Blues
When a beloved country singer is killed in a suspicious plane crash, an insurance company hires Cannon to investigate.
1 link 05 Oct 1971
Scream of Silence E5. Scream of Silence
A young boy escapes from two kidnappers, but is struck mute from the psychological trauma. Cannon is desperate to tease clues from the boy before the kidnappers can silence him for...
1 link 12 Oct 1971
Fool's Gold E6. Fool's Gold
Hired to track down an armored car robber, Cannon is surprised to discover a small town is harboring and protecting the thief.
19 Oct 1971
Girl in the Electric Coffin E7. Girl in the Electric Coffin
When his investigator friend dies while searching for a missing girl, Cannon agrees to take over the case.
1 link 26 Oct 1971
Dead Pigeon E8. Dead Pigeon
Framed for a murder he didn't commit, a police detective asks Cannon to unmask the real killer.
1 link 04 Jun 2013
A Lonely Place to Die E9. A Lonely Place to Die
While investigating a triple homicide, Cannon discovers a syndicate leader may be the next victim.
1 link 06 Jun 2013
No Pockets in a Shroud E10. No Pockets in a Shroud
An attorney hampers Cannon's investigation into a case involving an eccentric millionaire and his missing heir.
1 link 23 Nov 1971
Stone, Cold Dead E11. Stone, Cold Dead
A missing bicycle may provide the clue Cannon needs to exonerate a Vietnam veteran accused of murder.
1 link 30 Nov 1971
Death Is a Double-Cross E12. Death Is a Double-Cross
A simple assignment turns deadly when Cannon is hired to protect a millionaire's daughter and her children on a train ride to L.A.
1 link 07 Dec 1971
The Nowhere Man E13. The Nowhere Man
Deciding to teach the world about its dangers, an accountant steals a canister of deadly nerve gas.
1 link 07 Jun 2013
Flight Plan E14. Flight Plan
Posing as a political refugee, an embezzler cons Cannon into helping him flee the country.
1 link 28 Dec 1971
Devil's Playground E15. Devil's Playground
Months after being injured while chasing a payroll holdup suspect, an ex-motorcycle cop hires Cannon to help him find the robber, who was assumed to have died in the chase.
1 link 04 Jan 1972
Treasure of San Ignacio E16. Treasure of San Ignacio
Cannon calls on a retired detective to help him recover religious relics stolen in an armed robbery of a church in Mexico.
1 link 11 Jan 1972
Blood on the Vine E17. Blood on the Vine
Cannon is called by a winemaker's secretary after several suspicious accidents happen to the vintner.
1 link 18 Jan 1972
To Kill a Guinea Pig E18. To Kill a Guinea Pig
A medical researcher, who has a research project at a prison, is being intimidated by thugs, and Cannon is hired to find out why.
1 link 08 Jun 2013
The Island Caper E19. The Island Caper
Cannon attempts to help an ex-con, who he put away years before, when the man is coerced into a bank robbery.
1 link 08 Feb 1972
A Deadly Quiet Town E20. A Deadly Quiet Town
Cannon is hired by a man concerned that his daughter is involved with a cult of college-age kids.
1 link 15 Feb 1972
A Flight of Hawks E21. A Flight of Hawks
Pete Macklin, a former fighter pilot, is fired upon by a warplane while he is driving on a canyon road, resulting in a crash and his death. Cannon is hired by the insurance company...
1 link 22 Feb 1972
The Torch E22. The Torch
When a clothing manufacturer is accused of arson and murder, his daughter hires Cannon to find who actually did the deed and to exonerate her father.
1 link 29 Feb 1972
Cain's Mark E23. Cain's Mark
Cannon is hired by a woman to find her ex-con son, who claims he saw illegal weapons in crates at his brother's manufacturing plant.
1 link 07 Mar 1972
Murder by Moonlight E24. Murder by Moonlight
Convicted felon Mike Carr attends college under a prison rehab program. The incarcerated crime boss John Slater forces Carr to ferry information to and from his outside people. Can...
1 link 09 Jun 2013
Season 2
Season 2
Bad Cats and Sudden Death E1. Bad Cats and Sudden Death
Deputy District Attorney Michael Arnold is accused of murdering his wife, and he calls on Cannon help him.
1 link 13 Sep 1972
Sky Above, Death Below E2. Sky Above, Death Below
A union leader is killed on a Colorado ski lift, and his daughter hires Cannon to get to the truth.
1 link 14 Jul 2013
Bitter Legion E3. Bitter Legion
An laid-off engineer trains a group of Vietnam veterans to steal munitions from a National Guard armory, and Cannon is hired by the wife of one of them to find her missing husband.
1 link 14 Jul 2013
That Was No Lady E4. That Was No Lady
Cannon is hired to protect a lawyer who has received death threats after defending her clients, two small-time crooks, suspected of a safe-cracking at a charitable foundation.
1 link 04 Oct 1972
Stakeout E5. Stakeout
Cannon witnesses the attempted holdup of a bar and shoots the thief before he escapes. The man was with a woman who accidentally shoots her in the gunfight. The woman later claims ...
1 link 11 Oct 1972
The Predators E6. The Predators
A sheep rancher is accused of criminal negligence when a man is killed on her property by a "coyote getter" trap, and she calls on Cannon to exonerate her.
1 link 18 Oct 1972
A Long Way Down E7. A Long Way Down
A doctor at an inner-city hospital is suspected in a drug theft, and Cannon is hired by the hospital administrator to get to the truth.
1 link 25 Oct 1972
The Rip Off E8. The Rip Off
A professional thief breaks into Frank's apartment and steals all of his furniture, including his file cabinet.
1 link 01 Nov 1972
Child of Fear E9. Child of Fear
Cannon is hired by the wife of a missing ranch owner when his privately hired security service somehow hasn't been able to find him for six days.
1 link 20 Aug 2013
The Shadow Man E10. The Shadow Man
Cannon is hired by the wife of a hotel developer after he falls off a cliff and, while she goes for help, disappears.
1 link 22 Nov 1972
Hear No Evil E11. Hear No Evil
A paroled electronics expert is threatened by three businessmen, and his wife, an ex-cop, calls Cannon.
1 link 29 Nov 1972
The Endangered Species E12. The Endangered Species
Cannon's friend, a yacht builder, is framed for killing his son on a hunting trip.
1 link 20 Aug 2013
Nobody Beats the House E13. Nobody Beats the House
Cannon is hired to help a man avoid paying his gambling debt with his life.
1 link 20 Dec 1972
Hard Rock Roller Coaster E14. Hard Rock Roller Coaster
Cannon is hired to help a man who wandered into someone's home after being beaten up. He has no memory or any I.D. on him. Two thugs are after him and one of his benefactors may ha...
1 link 03 Jan 1973
The Dead Samaritan E15. The Dead Samaritan
A bystander is charged after he sees a woman being assaulted by a businessman, he intervenes, and the businessman dies of a heart attack. But was it a set-up?
1 link 29 Aug 2013
Death of a Stone Seahorse E16. Death of a Stone Seahorse
A marine biologist is stabbed on a research island.
1 link 17 Jan 1973
Moving Target E17. Moving Target
To protect an author whose life has been threatened, Cannon puts him in a motor-home to finish his manuscript and investigates who might want the writer dead.
1 link 31 Jan 1973
Murder for Murder E18. Murder for Murder
Cannon is hired by the sister of a young woman who died at the mansion of two brothers who own a cosmetics company.
1 link 20 Aug 2013
To Ride a Tiger E19. To Ride a Tiger
After a lawyer working on a controversial case disappears Cannon is hired to help find him. The lawyer is a diabetic and may die if he isn't found in time.
1 link 20 Aug 2013
Prisoners E20. Prisoners
Cannon is hired by the parents of a young man held in a Turkish prison on drug charges.
1 link 21 Feb 1973
The Seventh Grave E21. The Seventh Grave
A newspaper publisher calls Cannon to the small town of Milling to investigate a series of murders of young women.
1 link 28 Feb 1973
Catch Me If You Can E22. Catch Me If You Can
A psychopath calls and hires Cannon to stop him from killing again, because he can't stop himself.
1 link 07 Mar 1973
Press Pass to the Slammer E23. Press Pass to the Slammer
When a reporter is threatened with jail time for refusing to reveal her source to the grand jury, she hires Cannon to prove her story without using that source.
1 link 07 Sep 2013
Deadly Heritage E24. Deadly Heritage
Cannon is hired by a woman to find her husband's illegitimate son, who is bitter that he grew up in an orphanage instead of with her wealthy family.
1 link 07 Sep 2013
Season 3
Season 3
He Who Digs a Grave E1. He Who Digs a Grave
Cannon investigates an alleged murder-suicide involving rich and powerful families in a small town.
1 link 24 Dec 2007
Memo from a Dead Man E2. Memo from a Dead Man
After swerving down a mountain road for several miles, Walter Shaw drives his Jaguar sedan into a ravine and is killed. By the terms of his will, Cannon is hired to determine if on...
1 link 19 Sep 1973
Hounds of Hell E3. Hounds of Hell
Cannon is hired to investigate two fatal dog attacks on former Vietnam combat unit members, and to stop another attack.
1 link 26 Sep 1973
Target in the Mirror E4. Target in the Mirror
Cannon turns down a client, and when she is killed in her house shortly after his visit, he is drawn into both her murder investigation and the reason she called him.
1 link 03 Oct 1973
Murder by Proxy E5. Murder by Proxy
Cannon is hired by a woman who was slipped a mickey at a bar and then framed for murder.
1 link 10 Oct 1973
Night Flight to Murder E6. Night Flight to Murder
Cannon is hired by an insurance company to investigate the disappearance, while on final approach at a small Utah airstrip, of a twin-engine plane that was carrying $3 million of n...
1 link 17 Oct 1973
Come Watch Me Die E7. Come Watch Me Die
A convicted murderer escapes from the state hospital for the criminally insane, and Cannon is hired to find him before the police do.
24 Oct 1973
Perfect Alibi E8. Perfect Alibi
A businessman's office is burglarized, the safe cracked, and the cash payroll stolen. A former business partner is the obvious suspect, due to his knowledge of the office layout an...
1 link 31 Oct 1973
Dead Lady's Tears E9. Dead Lady's Tears
A man's model/girlfriend is murdered in her apartment shortly after she tells him she's leaving for a New York job, and he hires Cannon to exonerate him.
1 link 26 Sep 2013
The Limping Man E10. The Limping Man
A man with a limp is intercepted at the airport by police, but he inexplicably escapes while held at gunpoint by a cop, an old police buddy of Cannon's.
1 link 14 Nov 1973
Trial by Terror E11. Trial by Terror
When a criminal on trial, kidnaps the daughter of the judge to get him to dismiss the case. He then calls Frank to find his daughter before he is forced to make that choice.
1 link 21 Nov 1973
Murder by the Numbers E12. Murder by the Numbers
A wealthy middle-aged woman's fiancé disappears shortly before their scheduled wedding, and she hires Cannon to find him.
1 link 28 Nov 1973
Valley of the Damned E13. Valley of the Damned
A man from a Montana Indian reservation is accused of a murder at the airplane hangar where he works, and the local Indian Center hires Cannon to investigate.
05 Dec 1973
A Well Remembered Terror E14. A Well Remembered Terror
A young couple hires Cannon to find out why they are being terrorized by a mysterious stranger. Cannon discovers the answer goes back three years to an unsolved hijacking.
1 link 12 Dec 1973
Arena of Fear E15. Arena of Fear
Ron Johnson, a prizefighter training for an upcoming bout, punches a heckler in a tavern and kills him. The niece of Ron's trainer hires Cannon to sort out the case.
1 link 19 Dec 1973
Photo Finish E16. Photo Finish
Cannon is hired by General O'Hara to find who killed his brother, Paul Dunbar, several years before.
1 link 20 Feb 2012
Duel in the Desert E17. Duel in the Desert
Cannon is hired to handle a nighttime ransom delivery. After being led to various isolated phone booths by the kidnapper, Frank is slugged by the kidnapper's henchman, but he escap...
1 link 07 Jun 2016
Where's Jennifer? E18. Where's Jennifer?
A wealthy young woman hires Cannon to find her sister Jennifer, who supposedly drowned five years ago.
1 link 06 Feb 1974
Blood Money E19. Blood Money
A young doctor arrives at a prison to examine a prisoner. During the examination the prisoner reaches into the doctor's bag and removes a pistol. Cannon is hired to prove the docto...
1 link 06 Feb 1974
Death of a Hunter E20. Death of a Hunter
Malcolm Lawrence is killed at his African wildlife park by a lion that was supposedly tranquilized, and his wife hires Cannon to find out if he was murdered.
1 link 13 Feb 1974
The Cure That Kills E21. The Cure That Kills
Cannon investigates the death of two women who were connected to a faith healer who preaches to his flock that modern medicine is the work of Satan. A young man with a brain tumor ...
1 link 20 Feb 1974
Bobby Loved Me E22. Bobby Loved Me
A small-time con man is murdered, and his girlfriend hires Cannon to find the killer.
1 link 27 Feb 1974
Triangle of Terror E23. Triangle of Terror
Cannon is called to the West Indies by Jackie Akers to investigate the death of her father, Sir Arnold Masters.
1 link 13 Mar 1974
The Stalker E24. The Stalker
While on a vacation at a remote fishing lodge, Cannon is stalked by an escaped serial murderer.
1 link 20 Mar 1974
Season 4
Season 4
Kelly's Song E1. Kelly's Song
Cannon enlists the help of a former call girl to catch her former pimp, who killed a cop.
11 Sep 1974
The Hit Man E2. The Hit Man
Cannon is hired by a hit man to take his place, but he wants Cannon to save his mark, not kill him.
18 Sep 1974
Voice from the Grave E3. Voice from the Grave
Cannon looks into a 14-year-old nightclub homicide investigation after a retired detective is the target of an attempted hit.
25 Sep 1974
Lady in Red E4. Lady in Red
Cannon is hired by a businessman to follow his wife as she carries negotiable bonds, and he is drawn into a complex scheme involving false identities and murder.
02 Oct 1974
The Deadly Trail E5. The Deadly Trail
Cannon is hired by a wealthy retired general to find a daughter he hasn't seen since she was a child, 20 years ago.
16 Oct 1974
The Exchange E6. The Exchange
To avenge the killing of his younger brother, a man kidnaps a police cadet to exchange for the Police Lieutenant he blames for his death.
23 Oct 1974
The Avenger E7. The Avenger
A detective, who was tailing a man as a favor for Frank, is shot when the man meets his drug dealer. Frank must find the man before the detective's brother kills him.
30 Oct 1974
A Killing in the Family E8. A Killing in the Family
Cannon is hired by an insurance company representative to investigate a fatal automobile accident, but nothing about the accident is as it seems . . . and neither is the insurance ...
06 Nov 1974
Flashpoint E9. Flashpoint
As a favor for a friend, Cannon investigates a series of rapes and murders in which his friend believes a young man is being framed for. During the course of his investigation Cann...
13 Nov 1974
The Man Who Couldn't Forget E10. The Man Who Couldn't Forget
Cannon finds himself between Nazi hunters and their quarry, and he finds they don't want justice, they want revenge.
20 Nov 1974
The Sounds of Silence E11. The Sounds of Silence
A young woman hires Cannon to find her fiancé, after he disappears, and his business partners refuse to reveal where he is.
04 Dec 1974
The Prisoner E12. The Prisoner
11 Dec 1974
Daddy's Little Girl E13. Daddy's Little Girl
Cannon shoots and kills mob hit-man Gianni at a restaurant, and Gianni's girlfriend, the syndicate head's daughter, wants Cannon killed for it.
18 Dec 1974
The Conspirators E14. The Conspirators
A young woman has gone missing and Cannon is hired to find her. The four men responsible for her death frame a young black man for it and Cannon sets out to clear him.
01 Jan 1975
Coffin Corner E15. Coffin Corner
Cannon flies to Tampa, Florida, to find a man who abruptly withdrew a large sum of money from his bank account and then disappeared with two gunmen on his heels.
15 Jan 1975
Perfect Fit for a Frame E16. Perfect Fit for a Frame
Cannon is hired by a San Diego industrialist to protect his daughter from a psychotic man, and then he gets framed for killing the man.
22 Jan 1975
Killer on the Hill E17. Killer on the Hill
A construction contractor is framed for attempted murder of a politician, and his wife hires Cannon to find out by whom and why.
29 Jan 1975
Missing at FL307 E18. Missing at FL307
05 Feb 1975
The Set Up E19. The Set Up
A desperate woman fingers Cannon as her brother to a hit-man who is waiting for him at an airport in order to save her brothers life. Cannon must investigate in order to the life o...
12 Feb 1975
The Investigator E20. The Investigator
26 Feb 1975
Lady on the Run E21. Lady on the Run
05 Mar 1975
Vengeance E22. Vengeance
12 Mar 1975
Tomorrow Ends at Noon E23. Tomorrow Ends at Noon
An Italian businessman with close ties to his government calls on Frank Cannon when his daughter is kidnapped in the United States and held for ransom for the release of terrorists...
19 Mar 1975
Search and Destroy E24. Search and Destroy
02 Apr 1975
Season 5
Season 5
Nightmare E1. Nightmare
A dying prisoner, a former hit man confesses to Cannon that he killed his wife a child 14 years ago when Cannon was a cop. Cannon investigates.
16 Oct 2007
The Deadly Conspiracy: Part 1 E2. The Deadly Conspiracy: Part 1
Frank Cannon and Barnaby Jones investigates the rape and murder of a young woman who was about to blow the whistle on the company she was involved. But they are investigating for d...
17 Sep 1975
The Wrong Medicine E3. The Wrong Medicine
A doctor treats a diabetic in the emergency room and she then dies. He claims that the patient was wearing an indicator bracelet that has seemed to have vanished. Cannon is hired t...
24 Sep 1975
The Iceman E4. The Iceman
Cannon reinvestigates a 10 year old murder from when he was on the police force and begins to question if the man in prison is really innocent.
01 Oct 1975
The Victim E5. The Victim
Cannon is hired to find a popular recording artist who he believes is being held against her will. But when he finally finds her he begins to understand that there is a much more s...
08 Oct 1975
The Man Who Died Twice E6. The Man Who Died Twice
Cannon teams up with former officers who were on the force the same time he was. Their task is to find another colleague who they believed was dead for the past eight years, but no...
15 Oct 1975
A Touch of Venom E7. A Touch of Venom
A group of terrorists have drugged Cannon with a poison, giving him 72 hours to give them a defector and receive the antidote or die.
22 Oct 1975
Man in the Middle E8. Man in the Middle
An old friend hires Cannon to bring back the body of his dead son from Mexico and to find his killer. Cannon agrees, but he uncovers a few surprises in the process.
29 Oct 1975
Fall Guy E9. Fall Guy
Cannon investigates on the behalf of a oil executive who claims he is being framed for fraud and embezzlement. But he runs into heavy resistance in his investigation from the corpo...
05 Nov 1975
The Melted Man E10. The Melted Man
Cannon unravels a murder plot that was made to look like it involved the Chinese Tongs gang. But the intended victim turns the tables on the real man behind the plot and try's elim...
05 Nov 1975
The Wedding March E11. The Wedding March
Cannon and a female vice squad officer who's on leave after being viciously beaten while undercover posing as a prostitute go after this same man who has previously beaten prostitu...
19 Nov 1975
The Hero E12. The Hero
Cannon protects a man and his wife from the members of a small motorcycle riding cult that are bent on avenging the death of one of their own.
09 Apr 2014
To Still the Voice E13. To Still the Voice
Cannon investigates the possibility that there is a conspiracy behind the assassination of a black female politician.
03 Dec 1975
The Star E14. The Star
When the son of a famous actress disappears the police think its another instance of his recurring drug problem. Cannon is hired to find him, but no one is telling him the whole tr...
10 Dec 1975
The Games Children Play E15. The Games Children Play
The mastermind behind the kidnapping of an infirm prince is also the man helping Cannon with his investigation.
17 Dec 1975
The Reformer E16. The Reformer
Frank Cannon takes up the case when it appears that the head of a newspaper is being framed for the murder of a prostitute.
07 Jan 1976
The House of Cards E17. The House of Cards
A small town newspaper man takes on a duel identity and fakes one his own murder. Cannon is hired by his wife in investigate.
14 Jan 1976
Revenge E18. Revenge
Cannon becomes a hunted man when a young South Korean man comes after him seeking revenge for his late father who was a tortured prisoner of war during the Korean War-and he believ...
21 Jan 1976
Cry Wolf E19. Cry Wolf
Canon investigates when the grandson of the billionaire fakes his own kidnapping to get his trust fund money, but get gets involved with the wrong type of people.
28 Jan 1976
The Quasar Kill E20. The Quasar Kill
Cannon investigates the death of a scientist who designed a computer that searches for extra terrestrial signals. But was he murdered by an entity from outer space or by a fellow s...
04 Feb 1976
Snapshot E21. Snapshot
A mobster hires Cannon to find out who tried to kill his ex-wife in a failed hit attempt. But Cannon suspects the mobster himself may be the actual target after another attempt is ...
11 Feb 1976
Point After Death E22. Point After Death
Cannon investigates the murder of a woman who was the girlfriend of a professional football quarterback.
18 Feb 1976
Bloodlines E23. Bloodlines
The nephew of the tycoon commits suicide, but he suspects foul play and hired Connon to investigate.
25 Feb 1976
Madman E24. Madman
An Army officer showing signs of a deep psychosis is on the loose with an M-16 rifle somewhere on base. His wife calls Frank Cannon in to investigate and to help bring him in befor...
03 Mar 1976
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