Hawaii Five-O (1968)

Hawaii Five-O (1968)

Years: 1968−1980

Duration: 60 min

Country: USA

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

Writer: Leonard Freeman

Stars: James MacArthur, Jack Lord, Kam Fong

The investigations of Hawaii Five-0, an elite branch of the Hawaii State Police answerable only to the governor and headed by stalwart Steve McGarrett.

IMDb: TT0062568

Rating: 7.5/10 from 3900

Season 1
Season 1
Pilot E0. Pilot
Red Chinese agent Wo Fat uses a sensory deprivation chamber to procure information from U.S. agents. McGarrett, head of Hawaii's state police force, poses as "control," possessor o...
27 Sep 2009
E1. Full Fathom Five
Five-O investigates multiple cases of missing women tourists. The victims were all recently widowed. It turns out that they are being seduced, swindled and then murdered. Five-O se...
15 Mar 2007
E2. Strangers in Our Own Land
A state official is killed by a bomb after arriving from a visit to the Mainland. Five-O discovers the official had more enemies than it initially appears.
29 Sep 2009
E3. Tiger by the Tail
A young singer is kidnapped shortly after a performance. The singer's father is a hotel magnate from the Mainland. However, the crime began as a hoax, and the two kidnappers are fr...
30 Sep 2009
E4. Samurai
The primary witness before a grand jury investigating a Hawaiian crime figure dies suddenly on the stand. At the same time, assassins from Japan are trying to kill the accused crim...
30 Aug 2010
E5. ...And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin
Dan (Danno) Williams, while off-duty, pursues a gun-wielding crime suspect to the man's apartment. While shooting open the lock, Danno believes he inadvertently wounds the suspect ...
30 Sep 2009
E6. Twenty-Four Karat Kill
Five-O investigates a gold-smuggling ring. One young woman is already dead as a result of the gold smuggling. Five-O and the U.S. Treasury Department devise a sting operation aimed...
02 Oct 2009
The Ways of Love E7. The Ways of Love
During a high speed chase, a woman jumps from the car the police are after. McGarrett arrives as she is dying. Her last words are, "The ways of love." She was also wearing a diamon...
20 May 2013
E8. No Blue Skies
McGarrett is investigating a cat burglar who pulls off jobs in spectacular fashion. His most recent heist totaled $30,000 of jewels from a room in a high-rise hotel. The culprit is...
26 Apr 2009
E9. By the Numbers
A U.S. serviceman, in Hawaii for R&R, becomes a pawn in a fight for control of a numbers syndicate. The head of the outfit, Philip Lo, is killed and the serviceman has been framed ...
07 Oct 2009
E10. Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born
McGarrett is gunned down during his morning run on the beach. While the lawman is in critical condition, Dan Williams leads the investigation. Shortly thereafter, another man is ki...
09 Oct 2009
E11. Deathwatch
An assistant district attorney is killed when he finds a ''box man'' i.e. safecracker rifling through the attorney's office on a Sunday. The assistant DA was preparing to prosecute...
17 Oct 2006
E12. Pray Love Remember, Pray Love Remember
A young woman student from Indonesia is killed at an educational institute. Footprints at the crime scene indicate a large man was present. Five-O comes up with two suspects: her A...
21 Jul 2009
E13. King of the Hill
A returning soldier that saw combat in Vietnam returns to Hawaii and has a severe flashback that leads to him taking over a hospital including Dan-O as a hostage.
25 Oct 2009
E14. Up Tight
Dan Williams is unable to prevent a young woman high on drugs (referred to as speed but which have the properties of LSD) from jumping off a cliff to her death. The incident puts F...
26 Mar 2015
E15. Face of the Dragon
A dying man is discovered on a beach. A mysterious motorcycle rider takes the man's identification and speeds off. The man has bubonic plague. Five-O races to contain a potential p...
26 Oct 2009
E16. The Box
In Oahu State Prison, cons led by Big Chicken want to bring Swanson to heel because he doesn't show enough respect for "the system." But Swanson manages to shoot one of his attacke...
29 Oct 2009
E17. One for the Money
McGarrett receives a cryptic letter and a photo of a woman with an "x" drawn through it. The woman was stabbed repeatedly. Later, another is killed the same way and Five-O gets ano...
30 Oct 2009
E18. Along Came Joey
Joey Kalama, son of police detective Phil Kalama, nearly goes down in a boxing match then comes back to win the fight. Later, he is beaten by two thugs and dies. McGarrett & Co. in...
02 Nov 2009
E19. Once Upon a Time: Part I
McGarrett's sister, whose infant son is dying of cancer, has fallen under the sway of a medical quack. Her husband is afraid to confront her. Instead, he summons McGarrett to their...
29 Jun 2012
E20. Once Upon a Time: Part II
McGarrett, desperate to convict medical quack C.L. Fremont, seeks evidence where she can be prosecuted for a more serious charge. Facing extremely long odds, he convinces the famil...
09 Nov 2009
E21. Not That Much Different
The leader of a band of protesters is killed while confronting the general of a foreign nation. Authorities initially believe it was an assassination attempt on the general's life....
17 Oct 2006
E22. Six Kilos
Five-O intercepts a "box man," an expert safe cracker, at the Honolulu airport. The criminal is killed by a shot from Dan Williams, who fired just before the criminal would have sh...
06 Apr 2016
E23. The Big Kahuna
At the request of the Governor, McGarrett investigates recent odd behavior by Sam Kalakua. Sam, a friend of the Governor's and a distant relative of Kono's, is also among the last ...
18 Oct 2006
E24. Cocoon: Part 1
The series pilot, which originally aired as a two-hour TV movie, is re-edited as a two-part episode of the series. In the opening installment, a U.S. intelligent agent, a friend of...
05 Jul 2009
E25. Cocoon: Part 2
McGarrett goes to the Governor with news of what he's uncovered in his investigation. The two agree the matter is too big for any state or local law-enforcement agency. The Governo...
11 Jun 1969
Season 2
Season 2
E1. A Thousand Pardons - You're Dead!
In a show with several similarities to the previous season opener, a series of swindlings are covers for serial murder. An Army sergeant who lost his brother in Vietnam because of ...
1 link 16 Nov 2009
E2. To Hell with Babe Ruth
Nagata escapes from a mental institution, thinking it is December 1941. He had been part of a group called Black Dragons, a Japanese group that engaged in "fifth column" activities...
1 link 17 Apr 2015
E3. Forty Feet High and It Kills!
Wo Fat returns. His men break into a center and send out a false tsunami warning. This provides cover so other of his operatives can kidnap a scientist. However, it turns out the s...
1 link 16 Nov 2009
E4. Just Lucky, I Guess
A businessman at a convention in Honolulu decides to indulge himself just a little bit more and plans a one-night stand with a prostitute. When he gets to her apartment, he hears a...
1 link 29 Mar 2008
E5. Savage Sunday
A group of revolutionaries from a Latin American country have entered Hawaii illegally, raided an armory and stolen weapons and ammunition. Their leader is wounded and captured by ...
1 link 17 Nov 2009
E6. A Bullet for McGarrett
Five-O investigates a spy ring. One of the suspects is Dr. Paul Farrar. However, unknown to Five-O, Farrar's superior is Wo Fat. Farrar plans a death trap for McGarrett.
1 link 17 Nov 2009
E7. Sweet Terror
A federal agent is murdered on a plane bound for Hawaii. The investigation of this crime leads McGarrett and Five-O to uncover a terrorist plot by Dr. Erich Stoss to distribute a f...
1 link 20 Nov 2009
E8. King Kamehameha Blues
A group of college students devise a plan to break into Bishop Museum and steal King Kamehameha's cloak. A collection is started up and amnesty will be given if the cloak is return...
19 Aug 2007
E9. The Singapore File
McGarrett receives a phone call from a woman in Singapore saying that she can witness against a local mobster. McGarret immediately flies to Singapore to retrieve her. The mobster ...
1 link 19 Jul 2007
E10. All the King's Horses
A state investigation centers on Mike Finney, a former racketeer who hasn't violated the law since moving to Hawaii nine years earlier. But Charles Irwin, an ambitious counsel for ...
1 link 23 Nov 2009
E11. Leopard on the Rock
A emergency landing in Hawaii of an Asian dictator causes major problems for Five-O and McGarrett.
1 link 30 Nov 2009
E12. The Devil and Mr. Frog
Just as the ransom money has been delivered, the kidnap victim escapes; one of his two kidnappers falls to his death trying to chase him. The surviving kidnapper concocts another s...
1 link 04 Dec 2009
E13. The Joker's Wild, Man, Wild!
Jo Louise, a rich and spoiled heiress, is recklessly pitting two suitors, Craig and Billy, against each other. She's devised a game where each boyfriend draws a card and gets point...
06 Dec 2009
E14. Which Way Did They Go?
Ossie Connors, a brilliant and ruthless bank robber, devises a complicated scheme to get revenge on McGarrett, who put the criminal away 10 years earlier in what the lawman describ...
1 link 10 Dec 2009
E15. Blind Tiger
McGarrett survives a bombing of his car but is blinded. His sight may or may not return. He begins rehabilitation under the no-nonsense supervision of Nurse Lavallo. Five-O's inves...
1 link 03 Jan 2010
Bored, She Hung Herself E16. Bored, She Hung Herself
The "lost" episode of Five-O, it has never been made available in syndication. A woman is found hanged to death. The suspect is a young man who uses a yoga technique where someone ...
1 link 19 Aug 2014
E17. Run, Johnny, Run
McGarrett hunts for a local boy whose life he turned around but who got into trouble again after he joined the Navy.
1 link 03 Jan 2010
E18. Killer Bee
Ted Frazer, a Vietnam veteran, thinks he is cracking from mental strain. In reality, he is being tormented by fellow vet George Loomis. George makes Ted think he is kidnapping chil...
1 link 03 Jan 2010
E19. The One with the Gun
A honeymooner is murdered during a rigged game of poker and his brother arrives in Hawaii for revenge.
1 link 03 Jan 2010
E20. Cry, Lie
Five-O's Chin Ho Kelly is framed as part of a plot to discredit the state police unit. McGarrett & Co., however, turn the tables on the man responsible for the plot.
1 link 04 Apr 2015
E21. Most Likely to Murder
Honolulu policeman Lew Morgan appears to be cracking after his wife is killed. Morgan also is an old friend of Five-O's Dan Williams, who takes a personal interest in the case. It ...
1 link 08 Jan 2008
E22. Nightmare Road
Dr. Royce, a scientist with an expertise that can be used in the underwater detection of ships, is lured by enemy agents and his girlfriend to defect to a foreign power. McGarrett ...
1 link 03 Jan 2010
E23. Three Dead Cows at Makapuu: Part I
Alexander Kline, a brilliant scientist who had worked for the U.S. government, creates the Q strain, a bacteria that can wipe out vast numbers of people in a short time. He quit hi...
1 link 10 Jun 2006
E24. Three Dead Cows at Makapuu: Part II
Alexander Kline, even under intense questioning, refuses to reveal the location of the vial containing the Q strain. McGarrett gambles that by letting him go, Kline can be convince...
03 Jan 2010
E25. Kiss the Queen Goodbye
A jeweler in New York City is murdered after making a paste copy of the "Queen of Polynesia", a valuable and historic emerald about to be donated to the State of Hawaii. The 5-0 sq...
13 Jan 2008
Season 3
Season 3
E1. And a Time to Die...
Wo Fat brings in an assassin to kill a man who made a tour of Communist China and got a good look at its nuclear facilities. The spy freaks out and runs just before the sniper pull...
1 link 29 Mar 2008
E2. Trouble in Mind
A deadly strain of heroin hits the island.
1 link 29 Mar 2008
E3. The Second Shot
A German journalist, in Honolulu to interview an exile from the Greek military junta's rule, is shot down as he exits the airplane. The journalist survives, but barely, as the bull...
1 link 19 Dec 2011
Time and Memories E4. Time and Memories
McGarrett is awakened at 3:00 A.M. by a phone call from a past girlfriend, who hangs up before he is fully awake. The girlfriend then goes back to her husband's beach house and fin...
1 link 20 Sep 2006
E5. The Guarnerius Caper
A Russian musician is planning a concert using a priceless violin. After it is locked in the trunk of their car, three derelicts steal the car and strip it. Forcing the trunk open,...
14 Feb 2010
E6. The Ransom
The young son of a rich man is kidnapped. Five-O and HPD observe the scene where the kidnappers are to pick up the money. Five-O's Kono corners the kidnappers but ends up being cap...
1 link 15 Feb 2010
E7. Force of Waves
McGarrett narrowly survives an explosion on a boat that claims the life of a prominent businessman who recently married a second "trophy wife." Five-O's investigation initially pro...
21 Mar 2012
E8. The Reunion
"Respectable" Japanese-American businessmen and the former POWs in camps who recognize their tormentors. In this case, three men reunite at the Ilkai Hotel in Honolulu 25 years aft...
16 Feb 2010
E9. The Late John Louisiana
A man arrives on a plane in Maui, and is reunited with his girlfriend. When they get home, another man is seen approaching their home in a suspicious manner. A shootout occurs, lea...
1 link 14 May 2008
E10. The Last Eden
An ex-military demolitions man is drugged and framed for the explosion and total destruction of a sewage treatment plant. Five-O pieces together clues to expose the business man wh...
1 link 22 Feb 2010
E11. Over Fifty? Steal
Lewis Avery Filer had been an insurance investigator forced to retire when his company was taken over by a conglomerate. The wily Filer is now pulling daring robberies at businesse...
1 link 26 Apr 2015
E12. Beautiful Screamer
Two women are strangled and portions of a poem are written, in lipstick, on their legs. The second is the girlfriend of Dan Williams. He is on edge, wanting to work on the case "or...
1 link 24 Feb 2010
E13. The Payoff
McGarrett receives a call from a Skid Row bum who says he has vital evidence in a mainland case. When McGarrett and Danno arrive at the man's fleabag apartment, he's disappeared, w...
24 Feb 2010
E14. The Double Wall
A prison lifer working in the infirmary as an orderly gets the shock of his life when a dying fellow inmate confesses that he himself committed the murder that the orderly, a busin...
1 link 25 Feb 2010
E15. Paniolo
A Maui cowboy (the episode title means "cowboy" in Hawaiian) kills a real-estate developer who's trying to take over the ranch where the cowboy has worked. The cowboy tries to esca...
1 link 08 Dec 2009
E16. Ten Thousand Diamonds and a Heart
A notorious thief is sprung from prison by a criminal gang who wants him to teach them how to rob a diamond exchange and escape undetected. The thief obliges, but McGarrett and Dan...
1 link 25 Feb 2010
E17. To Kill or Be Killed
A war hero back from Vietnam dies under mysterious circumstances. Was it a murder or a suicide? For McGarrett, finding the truth is no easy matter, as neither the victim's family n...
1 link 27 Feb 2010
E18. F.O.B. Honolulu: Part I
The Chinese (led by Wo Fat), the Soviets (led by Mischa Toptegan) and assorted criminals are all after perfect counterfeit plates. The plates were originally developed by the Chine...
1 link 08 Mar 2010
E19. F.O.B. Honolulu: Part II
U.S. Commander Nicholson now has the perfect counterfeit plates. His price: $2 million and amnesty for all crimes (including the murder of the man he got the plates from). His girl...
1 link 08 Mar 2010
E20. The Gunrunner
A group of masked men break into the home of an international arms dealer and kidnap his wife. McGarrett soon realizes the case is far more than a simple kidnapping - he's now invo...
1 link 27 Feb 2010
E21. Dear Enemy
A man, who had been a witness in a murder trial, dies mysteriously down at the waterfront. McGarrett thinks he was murdered and that his death was tied to the murder conviction of ...
1 link 09 Mar 2010
E22. The Bomber and Mrs. Moroney
A young man in Oahu State Prison has been a model prisoner and is let out on parole. A few days later, he appears in Five-O headquarters at the Iolani Palace, taking prisoners and ...
1 link 09 Mar 2010
E23. The Grandstand Play: Part I
Gary Phillips, the mentally challenged son of baseball star Lon Phillips, encounters a woman while on his way to the concession stand during a ball game. She turns up dead shortly ...
27 Mar 2015
E24. The Grandstand Play: Part II
Gary Phillips, on the run and afraid of the police, narrowly escapes a murder attempt. McGarrett & Co. begin to piece together what really happened at the ball park. But the real k...
1 link 26 Feb 2016
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Highest Castle, Deepest Grave
Two skeletons, a man and a woman killed ten years ago, are discovered. One of them comprise the remains of the former right-hand man of Mondrago, a prominent businessman. McGarrett...
1 link 15 Mar 2010
No Bottles... No Cans... No People E2. No Bottles... No Cans... No People
McGarrett must figure out how to get the goods on a mobster who is trying to clinch a mainland deal while murdering his enemies (including a past girlfriend) and putting them in an...
1 link 17 Mar 2010
E3. Wednesday, Ladies Free
Several women have been strangled in Honolulu. The pattern in all of the cases was that after each killing, the killer would put make-up and a wig on each victim as if he wanted he...
1 link 17 Mar 2010
E4. 3,000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu
A cagey professor and the syndicate team up on a deadly caper. About $750,000 in traveler checks are stolen in Denver. A planeload of criminals posing as academics board a charter ...
1 link 02 Jul 2009
E5. Two Doves and Mr. Heron
Two hippies, panhandling for money, decide to approach a tourist. The first hippie, a young woman, is rebuffed. However, the tourist comes on to the second, male hippie. The hippie...
1 link 28 Sep 2008
E6. ...And I Want Some Candy and a Gun That Shoots
A mentally disturbed former soldier buys a new rifle and ammunition after a sales clerk fails to check him out. The soldier even signs his name as "George C. Patton." He then holes...
1 link 18 Dec 2014
E7. Air Cargo - Dial for Murder
A shipping company which runs lots of valuable cargo through the islands is cherry-picking the most valuable items, taking them out of the shipments, and selling them on the black ...
1 link 12 May 2011
E8. For a Million... Why Not?
A gang, led by the vicious Hawkins, is executing a plot to steal $6 million. The group includes a bank employee and an alienated, long-time employee of a trucking company. The plan...
1 link 25 Aug 2014
E9. The Burning Ice
The wife of a wealthy doctor is shot to death. The physician seems to have a tight alibi while clues point to another man. But the more Five-O probes, the more the obvious turns ou...
1 link 23 Mar 2010
E10. Rest in Peace, Somebody
McGarrett gets a telephone call upon arriving at work. The caller says he intends to kill someone. The caller has also sent the lawman a key that will tell McGarrett the identity o...
1 link 29 Mar 2010
E11. A Matter of Mutual Concern
French McCoy, thug for a Miami mobster, turns up dead (stabbed in the chest) and mutilated (one of his pinkie fingers cut off). The mobster, known as "Big Uncle," was looking to mo...
1 link 29 Mar 2010
E12. Nine, Ten, You're Dead
Willy Stone, a punch-drunk former boxer, attacks a young fighter for no apparent reason, breaking the younger man's hands. Edmonds, a Detroit hood, has invested much in the young b...
1 link 31 Mar 2010
E13. Is This Any Way to Run a Paradise?
Someone calling himself "Kahili" (the Hawaiian god of battle) wages his own personal war against polluters. At first the pranks are bad but not dangerous, like climbing a ladder to...
1 link 31 Mar 2010
E14. Odd Man In
When famed bank robber Lewis Avery Filer, whom McGarrett put away a year and a half ago, learns that a fellow con about to be released plans to resume his career as a drug dealer, ...
1 link 30 Jul 2013
E15. Bait Once, Bait Twice
A young woman goes onto a balcony in what is thought to be a suicide attempt. However, it is all a plot to lure her fiancée out into the open to kill him and prevent him from testi...
1 link 04 Apr 2010
E16. The Ninety-Second War: Part I
McGarrett is found in an upside-down car containing a dead crime lord and a briefcase with thousands of dollars. Each step of the frame is perfect and unbreakable. McGarrett figure...
1 link 07 Apr 2010
E17. The Ninety-Second War: Part II
Steve returns to Hawaii after discovering the man who was made to look like him in Switzerland. Steve meets with Jonathan Kaye and some other people to find out why Steve was frame...
1 link 07 Apr 2010
E18. Skinhead
A young woman is savagely beaten and raped outside a bar. The prime suspect is a bald headed soldier, with whom she was seen arguing inside the bar. The jury eventually convicts hi...
1 link 07 Apr 2010
E19. While You're at It, Bring in the Moon
A reclusive, Howard Hughes-type billionaire is implicated in the murder of one of his associates. The businessman abducts McGarrett, who was on his way to the scene of the murder. ...
1 link 12 Apr 2010
E20. Cloth of Gold
At a birthday party, the guest of honor suddenly suffocates after getting a card saying this is his last birthday. The dead man is one of three partners in a shady real estate busi...
1 link 01 Feb 2009
E21. Good Night, Baby - Time to Die!
A convicted murderer escapes prison. He has been threatening a woman, spurring McGarrett to arrive at the woman's home with police officers. As the lawman arrives, the convict call...
1 link 12 Apr 2010
E22. Didn't We Meet at a Murder?
Three seemingly ordinary people are recruited to make a hit on a mob boss from Chicago visiting Hawaii. The hit is done with precision. The killers are equipped with firearms with ...
1 link 15 Apr 2010
E23. Follow the White Brick Road
The U.S. Navy cooperated in the filming of this story about a shipboard heroin ring, lending the Destroyer U.S.S. Whipple and having real-life Admiral Joseph McGittrick play a subs...
1 link 19 Apr 2010
E24. R & R & R
A disturbed ex-GI who was dishonorably discharged and then tried to re-enlist under a false name takes revenge at the Military by murdering officer's wives who fly to Hawaii expect...
1 link 19 Apr 2010
Season 5
Season 5
E1. Death Is a Company Policy
Al Harrington's first episode as Ben also introduces Duke Lukela and John Manicote as semi-regulars. Manicote launches an investigation of Five-O when Duke, an HPD sergeant who som...
20 Apr 2010
E2. Death Wish on Tantalus Mountain
Champion race car driver Alex Pareno arrives in Hawaii to attempt to break the record for driving up Tantalus Mountain. However, his chief mechanic is bludgeoned to death after cat...
20 Apr 2010
E3. You Don't Have to Kill to Get Rich - But It Helps.
A sophisticated operation is blackmailing rich and prominent visitors to Hawaii. One of the victims has told Tolliver, a private investigator, about his situation. Tolliver tells h...
26 Apr 2010
E4. Pig in a Blanket
During a traffic stop in the boonies, the driver slips out a concealed handgun and shoots the HPD officer down in his tracks. Before dying, the cop gets off a couple of rounds at t...
09 May 2010
E5. The Jinn Who Clears the Way
Operatives working for Wo Fat steal a device from a U.S. military base in Hawaii. Wo Fat is also manipulating a young Maoist into helping him smuggle the device to China. McGarrett...
21 Nov 2010
E6. Fools Die Twice
A military scientist is kidnapped by a co-worker and held ransom for one million dollars in diamonds. Five-O identifies unique background noises from the taped ransom messages to l...
10 Dec 2010
E7. Chain of Events
The slaying of a public health official while conducting an investigation into venereal disease leads McGarrett into the world of politics and intrigue. Starting with an appointmen...
20 Sep 2010
E8. Journey Out of Limbo
To the horror of workers at a construction site, the truck of sand they are unloading contains Danny Williams in the back, unconscious and just moments away from having smothered t...
20 Sep 2010
E9. 'V' for Vashon: The Son
Chris Vashon is male heir to the Vashon crime family, which now has considerable legitimate business holdings. The young Vashon, a rebellious sort, has been conducting robberies wi...
08 Jan 2007
E10. 'V' for Vashon: The Father
Honare Vashon orders a hit on McGarrett to avenge the death of Chris Vashon. McGarrett first receives an anonymous message intended to let him know his days are numbered. Then, Vas...
08 Jan 2007
E11. 'V' for Vashon: The Patriarch
Dominick Vashon, patriarch of the crime family, now wants to go after McGarrett. He devises a frame and McGarrett is accused of shooting an unarmed man. Five-O must break the frame...
08 Jan 2007
E12. The Clock Struck Twelve
A group of native Hawaiian separatists threaten to bomb public buildings if seven of their associates are not released from jail. McGarrett races the clock to find the bombs, and t...
10 Dec 2010
E13. I'm a Family Crook - Don't Shoot!
The Lovejoys, a family of grifters, make a bigger score than they ever imagined. The problem is they've ripped off a mobster who wants his money back -- and will gladly kill to do ...
10 Dec 2010
E14. The Child Stealers
A hippie couple kidnaps a baby from in front of a drug store and smuggles him to the mainland to sell the child to an adoption agency in Los Angeles. McGarrett and the rest of the ...
10 Dec 2010
E15. Thanks for the Honeymoon
McGarrett is called in to talk to Toni, a tough-talking young woman who has recently been busted along with her boyfriend. Toni is going to prison and can live with that, but she w...
02 Jan 2011
E16. The Listener
A psychiatrist is tormented by a man calling himself Cerberus. Cerberus says he was turned down for treatment and is determined to gain his revenge by extorting the psychiatrist. C...
02 Jan 2011
E17. Here Today... Gone Tonight
The No. 2 executive to a reclusive businessman approaches McGarrett. He tells the lawman that he has evidence of illegal activity by his employer. But the executive insists on elab...
14 Jun 2009
E18. The Odd Lot Caper
Murdock, an embittered businessman, concocts an elaborate robbery to gain the millions of dollars he needs for a pet business project. Murdock, though, has underestimated the ruthl...
16 Jan 2011
E19. Will the Real Mr. Winkler Please Die?
A man named Winkler goes berserk when approached by a television reporter doing a "man on the street" story. After his arrest, Five-O and HPD can find no evidence that Winkler even...
18 Jan 2011
E20. Little Girl Blue
Two men kidnap a young girl and hole up in a World War II bunker on Diamond Head. McGarrett and his men must rescue the child from the desperate criminals.
18 Jan 2011
E21. Percentage
O'Hara, co-owner of a travel agency with ex-bookie Sam Green, is beaten to death by thugs with brass knuckles. Green organizes gambling junkets, which is draining revenue from a ho...
28 Jan 2011
E22. Engaged to Be Buried
Five-O seeks to bust a family-run protection racket. But the investigation turns personal for Five-O stalwart Chin Ho Kelly because his daughter is in love with the son of the rack...
15 Jun 2006
E23. The Diamond That Nobody Stole
A cat burglar robs a former CIA agent of a diamond pendant and a roll of microfilm. The film contains military secrets and soon agents from China and Russia, along with its origina...
29 Jan 2011
E24. Jury of One
Five-O and District Attorney John Manicote think they have an ironclad case against a mobster on trial. But the jury keeps coming back with news that they have not reached a verdic...
31 Jan 2011
Season 6
Season 6
E1. Hookman
An off-duty police officer is shot and killed by a sniper while he is moonlighting as a funeral escort. The next day another officer is shot and killed during a police standoff, bu...
20 Jun 2006
E2. Draw Me a Killer
A psychotic young man is obsessed with the comic strip character "Judy Moon" and as a result of that obsession he murders three men who are dead ringers for villains that threaten ...
19 Feb 2016
E3. Charter for Death
In the second series episode to deal with bubonic plague, the U.S. Coast Guard finds a schooner adrift off the coast of Oahu, and calls Five-O when it also finds three crew members...
23 Mar 2011
E4. One Big Happy Family
A somewhat odd family comes to Hawaii and embarks on a criminal rampage. McGarrett can find no pattern to their activities until information from the mainland shows they rob and ki...
13 Mar 2007
E5. The Sunday Torch
A series of arson fires has Honolulu on edge. Each fire occurs on Sunday and despite patrols by Hawaii Five-O and HPD, authorities haven't been able to catch the arsonist. So far, ...
27 Mar 2011
E6. Murder Is a Taxing Affair
A rogue IRS agent on the trail of a tax evader catches him in an airplane lavatory - and strangles him. The agent's real motive for the murder was to find and keep $600,000 the dea...
27 Mar 2011
E7. Tricks Are Not Treats
A war breaks out among the pimps in Honolulu, resulting in several murders.
27 Mar 2011
E8. Why Wait Till Uncle Kevin Dies?
Five-O investigates a company that promises heirs an early payout from wills of rich, elderly relatives. The company has been taken over by new owners in recent years and a trail o...
30 Mar 2011
E9. Flash of Color, Flash of Death
Hobbs, a miner from the Australian Outback, comes to Hawaii to sell opals he has dug up. Hobbs' secret is that he is actually carrying a much larger and immensely more valuable cac...
31 Mar 2011
E10. A Bullet for El Diablo
The daughter of a dictator is kidnapped from the University of Hawaii campus. The conspirators are young people committed to overthrowing the dictator, known as El Diablo. One of t...
31 Mar 2011
E11. The Finishing Touch
Norman Cargill, an old friend of McGarrett's who has provided help in authenticating documents, gets tired of walking the straight and narrow for a peanuts salary (he is also going...
01 Apr 2011
E12. Anybody Can Build a Bomb
An entity calling itself Mercury threatens to explode an atomic bomb in Honolulu unless it's paid $100 million. Five-O enlists the aid of a nuclear physicist, unaware he's working ...
01 Apr 2011
E13. Try to Die on Time
A chronic gambler, pretending he has cancer, sells chances on the hour of the day he will die at $10,000 apiece. The winner gets all 24 tickets. The gambler actually doesn't have c...
28 Mar 2013
E14. The $100,000 Nickel
A rare 1913 Liberty Head nickel, one of only five ever made, is to be auctioned at a coin show held at the Ilikai Hotel. European master criminal Eric Damien gets con artist and .....
13 Apr 2011
E15. The Flip Side Is Death
Four men, posing as Army specialists whose truck overturned and spilled cannisters marked as deadly VX nerve gas, evacuate a small town on Oahu's remote north coast. That evacuatio...
12 Nov 2012
The Banzai Pipeline E16. The Banzai Pipeline
Greggs, a land developer has a zoning man, Huffman in his pocket. But because Huffman starting offering his services to other developers, 5-0 has built a case against him. Greggs k...
13 Apr 2011
E17. One Born Every Minute
Con-artists arrive in Hawaii and meet up with local thieves to plan a phony diamond con. When a wealthy tourist devastated by the con leaps to his death, McGarrett discovers he is ...
16 Apr 2011
E18. Secret Witness
Five-O races to find the witness to a hit on a bagman of a local mob. The witness, who narrowly escaped being killed himself, had dropped a library book with his library card insid...
16 Apr 2011
E19. Death with Father
McGarrett joins a group of operatives trying to take down a major drug lab in the hills. The raid succeeds, but a young man smashes through a cordon in a truck and escapes. Word of...
16 Apr 2011
E20. Murder with a Golden Touch
A private detective, and former HPD officer, turns up dead. Following his trail, Five-O discovers the private detective was investigating whether a businessman's son-in-law was bei...
20 Apr 2011
E21. Nightmare in Blue
Steve and the team are looking for the man who is sexually assaulting and killing women. He's killed four and there are no leads. His latest victim doesn't die but is unwilling to ...
20 Apr 2011
E22. Mother's Deadly Helper
A vicious law-and-order zealot becomes inflamed by various thugs getting off the hook in court on technicalities. So, using an alias, the man sends a letter to McGarrett promising ...
24 Apr 2011
E23. Killer at Sea
McGarrett and Williams board a cruise ship to find a man involved in a fatal shooting at a bank.
24 Apr 2011
E24. 30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key
Five-O matches wits with a brilliant thief who's a master of disguise and able to manufacture his own pass keys to Honolulu hotels. The thief has information on guests with valuabl...
21 Jun 2011
Season 7
Season 7
E1. The Young Assassins
A band of young radicals is killing ordinary people at random. Five-O consults an academic who is knowledgeable about such groups. The group then kidnaps Dan Williams and the acade...
20 Sep 2006
E2. A Hawaiian Nightmare
A man who's an expert in both geology and explosives, owes loan sharks more than $72,000. He has planted explosives that, if set off, will cause volcanic eruptions and is demanding...
09 Aug 2011
E3. I'll Kill 'Em Again
A nerdy bookstore clerk with an obsession for McGarrett turns deadly as he re-creates some of Five-O's most famous cases that were covered in a series of magazine articles. He is s...
14 Aug 2011
E4. Steal Now - Pay Later
Colby runs an operation that fences stolen goods with retailers enticed by too-good-to-be-true prices. Five-O enters the case when the body of a federal law-enforcement agent -- ki...
14 Aug 2011
E5. Bomb, Bomb, Who's Got the Bomb?
A bomb blows up a state senator's car and kills his secretary. At the end of the day, the killer appears to be the intended victim.
30 Mar 2015
E6. Right Grave - Wrong Body
A current wave of liquor store robberies and shootings are strangely linked to a fiveyear old bank robbery in which neither the quarter-million-dollar booty nor the thief was ever ...
29 Aug 2011
E7. We Hang Our Own
A politically powerful Big Island rancher learns that his son was killed by a blow to the head. The son was involved in a fight outside a barroom with a local. The local is arreste...
29 Aug 2011
E8. The Two-Faced Corpse
A Honolulu businessman is found murdered on a land tract he was trying to develop. The case has all the earmarks of a syndicate hit. Five-O traces the dead man and finds that he wa...
10 Sep 2011
E9. How to Steal a Masterpiece
Thugs break into the heavily-guarded art room of a multimillionaire and steal a Gauguin painting worth a fortune. When Five-O comes to investigate, the millionaire, his secretary a...
11 Sep 2011
E10. A Gun for McGarrett
A plaque, an award for his work in law enforcement, arrives in McGarrett's office and promptly explodes, killing one officer and injuring McGarrett. The perpetrator soon discovers ...
11 Sep 2011
E11. Welcome to Our Branch Office
A pair of con men sneak into Five-O' headquarters at night to photograph the layout of the offices. They then use these photos to duplicate the offices in an abandoned building, an...
10 Jun 2014
E12. Presenting... in the Center Ring... Murder
A top Chinese official is visiting Hawaii for an important conference. He wants to visit the circus, creating a massive security headache for Five-O. Meanwhile, Wo Fat has now brok...
19 Sep 2011
E13. Hara-Kiri: Murder
A shamed Japanese banker ritualistically kills himself, and McGarrett want to know why. McGarrett demands answers from a prominent financial consultant, played by guest star Ossie ...
21 Sep 2011
E14. Bones of Contention
Raymond Parmel, a murderous former soldier, claims to have the remains of Peking Man, the fossilized bones of prehistoric humans found in China in the 1930s that disappeared shortl...
02 Oct 2011
E15. Computer Killer
A computer expert is hired to program various machines to produce phony evidence to influence a trial.
04 Mar 2012
E16. A Woman's Work Is with a Gun
After killing a drug dealer who stiffed her, an impoverished psychotic woman asks her friends (who are in similar dire financial straits) to go with her on a scheme to rob tour bus...
11 Oct 2011
E17. Small Witness, Large Crime
A hit man takes a shot at a man on a boat arriving in Honolulu harbor from a distance of about a half mile, using an old tower on Sand Island as his sniper's nest. An apparently ho...
11 Oct 2011
E18. Ring of Life
Colin Nichols is a vicious British soldier of fortune, looking for a missing art object that is part of a set of ancient Hindu figurines known as the "Ring of Life." He tortures an...
23 Oct 2011
E19. Study in Rage
Mike (Richard Hatch) carries a torch for Glynis (Gretchen Corbett) and concocts an elaborate scheme, involving multiple murders, so that they can be together. To catch the killer t...
27 Oct 2011
E20. And the Horse Jumped Over the Moon
A skydiver and a private pilot team up to retrieve heroin shipments from the ocean and then airdrop them onto Oahu, in order to evade a recent tightening against drug smuggling int...
01 Nov 2011
E21. Hit Gun for Sale
McGarrett goes all out to keep the lid on a threatened organized crime war by tracking both an unknown hit man and his target.
01 Nov 2011
E22. The Hostage
A paranoid Korean War veteran, thinking a policeman is about to arrest him for a crime he didn't commit, grabs the officer's gun and shoots him. More cops appear, so the vet pulls ...
09 Nov 2011
E23. Diary of a Gun
One of the better of far too many TV-series episodes advocating gun control, as four owners of a single Saturday Night Special automatic use it for death and destruction (including...
04 Sep 2012
E24. 6,000 Deadly Tickets
A criminal syndicate has stolen 6,000 airline, cruise and attraction tickets and is now shoving them down the throats of travel agencies, forcing them to pay for them and then "eat...
25 Mar 1975
Season 8
Season 8
E1. Murder: Eyes Only
The U.S. Navy's top "spy catcher" is killed by a powerful letter bomb while in Honolulu. Five-O's Steve McGarrett, while serving a two-week hitch in the Navy Reserves, is called up...
14 Nov 2011
E2. McGarrett Is Missing
Mobster Charlie Bombay, an old foe of McGarrett's, escapes from prison, thanks to a bribed guard. But Bombay's confederates tip Five-O to Bombay's whereabouts before Charlie can fl...
15 Nov 2011
E3. Termination with Extreme Prejudice
A British Intelligence agent helps McGarrett try to find a missing nobleman who is suspected of treason and murder.
20 Nov 2011
E4. Target? The Lady
Susan has been having an affair with a man involved in skimming the gambling take from some Las Vegas casinos and has been acting as a courier, taking the money to Hawaii. She deci...
21 Sep 2006
E5. Death's Name Is Sam
A man arrives at Honolulu International Airport and is taken to the hospital after being struck by a car. Upon reviving, he checks the bag he was carrying and, being unable to find...
29 Nov 2011
E6. The Case Against McGarrett
After being denied parole from prison, crime lord Honore Vashon comes up with a twisted scheme to exact revenge on McGarrett for the deaths of his son Chris and his father Dominick...
29 Nov 2011
E7. The Defector
A spy ring targets a U.S. missile project headed by Dr. Grant Ormsbee, a headstrong scientist. The bait is an agent posing as an Asian scientist Orsmbee had met 12 years previously...
03 Dec 2011
E8. Sing a Song of Suspense
Singer Chelsea Merriman witnesses Koko Apaleka striking his girlfriend, causing her to fall from a high-rise balcony. Chelsea initially tries not to become involved, resisting McGa...
13 Dec 2011
E9. Retire in Sunny Hawaii... Forever
Dan Williams welcomes his Aunt Clara to Hawaii for a visit. On the flight over, she got to know Edgar Miller, an elderly man on the same flight. Once he checks into his hotel room,...
14 Dec 2011
How to Steal a Submarine E10. How to Steal a Submarine
Morwood, a high school official, has organized a smuggling ring. His confederates are forced to toss a drug shipment overboard as the Coast Guard is ready to close in. Morwood's gr...
15 Dec 2011
E11. The Waterfront Steal
Mendoza is the manager of a string of warehouses along Hawaii's waterfront. He, his daughter and a group of hired thugs knock over the warehouses one by one and steal their content...
19 Dec 2011
Honor Is an Unmarked Grave E12. Honor Is an Unmarked Grave
Egotistical author Travis Marshall discovers the unmarked grave of heir Brian Henderson. Marshall is promoting his find to the media, much to the annoyance of McGarrett & Co., who ...
31 Dec 2011
E13. A Touch of Guilt
Three college football players, one the son of a powerful senator, rape a waitress. The senator sends his "fixer," a lawyer working for him, to take care of the situation. The fixe...
31 Dec 2011
E14. Wooden Model of a Rat
August March, a seemingly respectable businessman who is also an art collector, has been running a smuggling ring of Asian art. When he discovers McGarrett is also a collector of s...
01 Jan 2012
E15. Deadly Persuasion
Deadly liquefied nerve gas is stolen. Five-O investigates the theft; the substance can kill a person if only a drop touches their skin and a small quantity can cause mass casualtie...
15 Jan 2012
E16. Legacy of Terror
Alex Kelsey, a lawyer involved with mobster Din Lee, kills a dying Japanese man. The dead man had been a Japanese operative at the time of Pearl Harbor. Kelsey believes the dead ma...
14 Jul 2008
E17. Loose Ends Get Hit
Five-O is protecting Billy Madrid, lieutenant to a crime boss who will testify in an upcoming trial. McGarrett is wounded when a sniper shoots at Five-O officers escorting Madrid, ...
22 Jan 2012
E18. Anatomy of a Bribe
Five-O begins an investigation after it's discovered a new trade center, destroyed in a massive fire, was constructed of sub-standard materials. The probe centers on Maynard, who w...
22 Jan 2012
E19. Turkey Shoot at Makapuu
While flying her brother's hang glider over Makapuu, Molly Taggart witnesses a friend's murder by a pair of local low life. Realizing that their crime was seen from the air, the th...
08 Jun 2009
E20. A Killer Grows Wings
An Australian scientist is killed on a Hawaiian sugar plantation after discovering an inspect capable of wiping out the sugar cane there. The investigation leads McGarrett & Co. to...
05 Feb 2012
E21. The Capsule Kidnapping
Two idealists plan to kidnap the son of a Japanese industrialist as a way to generate $1.5 million toward their dream of researching ways for man to live under the sea. They don't ...
05 Feb 2012
E22. Love Thy Neighbor, Take His Wife
A rich developer's wife has been kidnapped and an ecology activist has been implicated. But the activist is innocent and has been framed. McGarrett & Co. try to solve the crime and...
06 Feb 2012
E23. A Sentence to Steal
A series of gold robberies has hit Oahu. The operation is being run out of a halfway home for boys and young men. McGarrett sends in an HPD undercover officer to the home to turn u...
06 Feb 2012
Season 9
Season 9
E1. Nine Dragons
Wo Fat, disguised as an academic from Hong Kong, organizes the theft of deadly toxins on loan to the University of Hawaii for medical experiments. McGarrett travels to Hong Kong in...
12 Feb 2012
E2. Assault on the Palace
The operator of a Honolulu museum devises a scheme: use the premier Hawaiian parade as the cover for the biggest bank robbery in Hawaiian history. First he kills a history expert w...
13 Feb 2012
E3. Oldest Profession - Latest Price
The wages of sin are death for prostitutes who are being murdered by a pimp and his totally psycho helper in an effort to get the survivors to join his "stable." The women organize...
13 Feb 2012
E4. Man on Fire
A group of university students and their professor are examining a volcanic crater when they discover the bodies of five men in an inconspicuous location. Doc Bergman is initially ...
26 Feb 2012
E5. Tour De Force, Killer Aboard
A plane arrives in Hawaii with 300 passengers aboard, including a tour group of 40. After everyone has left the plane, however, a stewardess discovers that one remaining passenger ...
19 Mar 2012
E6. The Last of the Great Paperhangers
Someone breaks into Five-O's temporary offices at the Territorial Building and, for the most part, manages to avoid the burglar alarms. When the alarm is triggered, the guard who r...
26 Mar 2012
E7. Heads, You're Dead
In an episode based on a real-life case (the villains on this show are even WORSE than their real-life counterparts), a gang of hijackers sign on as crew members of luxury yachts, ...
27 Mar 2012
E8. Let Death Do Us Part
A man named Jim Spier breaks out of prison, shortly after refusing to accept parole for the second time. Spier had been convicted of the murder of his wife, but had always claimed ...
01 Apr 2012
E9. Double Exposure
An extremely violent episode in which two seriously loco mobsters wage war on each other, with Danny's photographer girlfriend -- who snapped a picture of one of the two sneaking b...
02 Apr 2012
E10. Yes, My Deadly Daughter
The top financial aide to Chang Liu, the head of one of the islands' crime syndicates, is ambushed and killed when he tries to return to Hawaii surreptitiously via helicopter. The ...
02 Apr 2012
E11. Target - A Cop
A sniper targets police officers.
08 Apr 2012
E12. The Bells Toll at Noon
After a young woman has died from a drug overdose, Johnny Kling moves to avenge the death by killing those who sold and distributed the drugs. Kling performs the killings in such a...
17 May 2010
E13. Man in a Steel Frame
McGarrett has been dating a fashion designer named Cathi Ryan. He receives an urgent telephone call from her one afternoon, and arrives at her house to find her apparently having j...
26 Jun 2014
E14. Ready, Aim.....
Because the country of Japan has very strong restrictions on handguns, smugglers can turn huge profits by buying or stealing them in Hawaii and seeking them on the Tokyo black mark...
23 Apr 2012
E15. Elegy in a Rain Forest
Glenn Cannon's final episode as Attorney General John Manicote gives him a major role as his daughter disappears into a rain forest on the windward side of Oahu, just as a maniacal...
24 Apr 2012
E16. Dealer's Choice... Blackmail
Officer Sandi Welles has a younger brother about whom she is VERY protective. With good reason: the brother is a chronic gambler fighting a losing battle with addiction and heavily...
15 May 2012
E17. A Capitol Crime
A retired chemical engineer, after fighting City Hall and the state government over the proposed demolition of his housing complex for the elderly, wears a bomb into a Jimmy Borges...
05 Aug 2012
E18. To Die in Paradise
Thugs kidnap a singer and spirit her off in a boat - but then the boat is caught in a violent storm and driven northwestward, where it wrecks on the north coast of Kauai. The coast...
21 Aug 2012
E19. Blood Money Is Hard to Wash
A mainland mobster arrives in the Islands planning to buy a semi-pro football team and skim the profits. When his brother, who has lived in Hawaii for some years, warns him that "t...
22 Aug 2012
E20. To Kill a Mind
A year after a Soviet submarine was sunk near Hawaii, pieces of what appear to be key components of the sub's computer begin washing ashore. McGarrett suspects that devices have be...
22 Aug 2012
E21. Requiem for a Saddle Bronc Rider
With Five-O on the verge of a major crackdown on illegal gambling, McGarrett is approached by Susie Wainane, an old friend now in college in California. She has returned to Hawaii ...
23 Aug 2012
E22. See How She Runs
Sunny Mandell, a teenage runaway, holes up in Honolulu with a man who helped her back in Los Angeles. But the helpful man is a gangster with a grudge against Sunny's father, a Los ...
05 Sep 2010
E23. Practical Jokes Can Kill You
After an attempt to hijack an Army vehicle carrying M-16 vehicles goes awry, an arms dealer and his underlings recognize that the bases and transports with small arms will be more ...
23 Aug 2012
Season 10
Season 10
E1. Up the Rebels
Stephen Boyd, in his last role (he died three weeks after this episode wrapped filming) plays a member of a Northern Irish splinter terrorist group who disguises himself as a pries...
02 Feb 2007
E2. You Don't See Many Pirates These Days
When the first mate of a cargo ship abruptly hijacks his own vessel, leading to the murder of a crew member and several woundings, McGarrett begins to suspect the oily shipping-com...
31 Aug 2012
E3. The Cop on the Cover
Over McGarrett's strong objections, the Governor orders him to allow Terri O'Brien, a reporter for a popular new weekly magazine, to shadow him and the other members of Five-O for ...
06 Sep 2012
E4. The Friends of Joey Kalima
A music-loving rookie cop frequents a record store next to a bank. What he doesn't know is that the music-store owner and two henchman are tunneling into the bank through a shared ...
22 Sep 2012
E5. The Descent of the Torches
In a rare episode to delve deeply into native-Hawaiian culture (the last episode for Alvin Sapinsley, the show's most daring writer and perhaps its best), McGarrett and company are...
08 Oct 2012
E6. The Ninth Step
An ex-cop who's a recovering alcoholic returns to Hawaii after a long stint on the mainland in order to make amends to McGarrett (the "ninth step" of Alcoholics Anonymous) -- he wa...
10 Oct 2012
E7. Shake Hands with the Man on the Moon
A crusading journalist is murdered, and McGarrett suspects that the killing was ordered by Frank Devlin, a sleazy real estate developer from the mainland, who was the target of a s...
21 Oct 2012
E8. Deadly Doubles
When a Soviet tennis team visits Hawaii, a young female star decides to defect in order to be with her American boyfriend. What she doesn't know is that just before she made a brea...
19 Nov 2012
E9. Deep Cover
A Soviet spy ring, led by a murderous femme fatale posing as a nurse to get sodium pentathol for truth serum, kidnaps an engineer on a nuclear sub and replaces him with a lookalike...
20 Nov 2012
E10. Tsunami
Some kids steal an ambulance, one of the attendants tries to stop them but is struck. One of the kids wants to go back and help the man but they keep on going. When they reach thei...
27 Nov 2012
E11. East Wind - Ill Wind
The death-by-drowning of a minor-league diplomat may be the precursor to the assassination in public of a much higher-ranking official.
27 Nov 2012
E12. Tread the King's Shadow
Urged on by a powerful businessman, the Governor forces McGarrett to launch a kidnapping investigation when the magnate's daughter disappears in the company of a native "Kanaka" wh...
01 Dec 2012
E13. The Big Aloha
A respected physician on a remote island is found dead, and an autopsy reveals he was blown away with a shotgun while night swimming. The only suspect is a young-Turk doctor at a l...
16 Dec 2012
E14. A Short Walk on the Longshore
A candidate to head a longshoreman's union is murdered in broad daylight, yet there are few clues about the crime. The dead man's opponent, who has political connections to the Gov...
15 Feb 2013
E15. The Silk Trap
John Richard Carr, a rising member of the House of Representatives, is visiting Hawaii to judge a beauty pageant. He has a tryst with one of the contestants, who drugs him so that ...
15 Feb 2013
E16. Head to Head
When a policeman is murdered for interrupting an organized-crime transaction, McGarrett hauls in the killer -- only to see him walk when an FBI agent investigating a much larger .....
18 Feb 2013
E17. Tall on the Wave
Danno enters a surfing competition to investigate the mysterious death of a competitor's girlfriend, who was apparently two-timing him with another beach king.
24 Feb 2013
E18. Angel in Blue
When a notorious smuggling-gang member known as "Surfer" uses his .357 Magnum to render still another enemy unrecognizable, McGarrett tries to infiltrate the gang with a Maui polic...
24 Feb 2013
E19. When Does a War End?
The answer to the title question is never for a fanatic who recently lost his best friend, a Jap-hunter determined to track down the commander of a brutal Philippine prison camp in...
05 Mar 2013
E20. Invitation to Murder
Someone is playing a deadly game of 10 Little Indians with the heirs to a wealthy, now-dead artist, who left his fortune to anyone who could survive him by one year. Not only was t...
18 Mar 2013
E21. Frozen Assets
A mystery writer (a carbon copy of Mildred Natwick's character in the TV series The Snoop Sisters; see also trivia for more of this) goes to investigate a cryogenics foundation whi...
16 Apr 2013
E22. My Friend, the Enemy
An uncooperative news-woman predicts the abduction of a princess, and McGarrett's search ensues.
23 Apr 2013
E23. A Stranger in His Grave
A dead body is found in a sugarcane field, which turns out to be that of Frank Kealoha, owner of a large nearby ranch. When informed of her husband's death, Kealoha's widow asserts...
04 Jun 2013
E24. A Death in the Family
Chin goes undercover to investigate a protection racket. But when he's recognized, the leader kills him and dumps his body at the Iolani Palace. Steve sets out to get the one who k...
16 Sep 2013
Season 11
Season 11
E1. The Sleeper
The body of a murdered federal agent is found, and Five-O is contacted by the government agency that sent him to Hawaii, which also sends another agent, Glen Fallon, to Hawaii to a...
29 Jul 2013
E2. Horoscope for Murder
Four stabbings have taken place in Honolulu, but Five-O hasn't been able to come up with anything linking the victims, or any consistent pattern among the killings except the murde...
29 Jul 2013
E3. Deadly Courier
An assassin who doesn't know he's an assassin? Sounds like a punch line from "The Naked Gun," but it's the story of this episode, where a diplomatic courier with a briefcase chaine...
03 Sep 2013
E4. The Case Against Philip Christie
Once a juror, always a cop ... McGarrett, serving on a murder-trial jury, is the only holdout for acquittal when the scenario for the "locked-room" killing, which points to the ......
04 Sep 2013
E5. Small Potatoes
A woman tries to get her two-bit hustler boyfriend to quit while the quitting is good after he joins a retired Asian general's crime syndicate.
21 Nov 2013
E6. A Distant Thunder
McGarrett tries to thwart a plot by Neo-Nazis to assassinate a popular political candidate.
22 Nov 2013
E7. Death Mask
The King Tutankhamun artifacts are on display in Honolulu, thanks to the efforts of art patron Alicia Warren. While the exhibit is open, however, a man rushes in and smashes a disp...
24 Nov 2013
E8. The Pagoda Factor
A small-time Chinese criminal in prison has big ties to the Chinatown mob, which is gearing up for a fight with a rival gang. McGarrett promises the young man a pardon in exchange ...
10 Jan 2014
E9. A Long Time Ago
Danny helps a past girlfriend of his who is now a petty crook, but doesn't reckon on her taking up with a murderous bank robber and being an accessory to his crimes.
16 Jan 2014
E10. Why Won't Linda Die?
A member of the Canadian Parliament is killed in a hit-and-run accident in a remote area, and Five-O discovers that he was apparently on Oahu to meet the one person whom he knew th...
17 Jan 2014
E11. The Miracle Man
A distraught man comes on stage during a live TV broadcast by a charismatic preacher and shoves an unloaded gun in his face, demanding the preacher account for the death of the ass...
18 Jan 2014
Number One with a Bullet: Part 1 E12. Number One with a Bullet: Part 1
The Hawaiian "kumu" mob, first introduced in "A Death in the Family" (episode #10.24) returns with a new boss named Tony Alika (Ross Martin), and their first order of business is t...
18 Jan 2014
E13. Number One with a Bullet: Part 2
To get out from the thumb of the Hawaiian kumu mob, the manager of a promising singer tries to cut a deal with a mainland gangster to get them to buy up her contract, leading to th...
20 Jan 2014
E14. The Meighan Conspiracy
The vault in a relatively new bank in a shopping center is broken into, yet there appears to be no way that the thieves could have gotten into and out of the vault - there are no s...
20 Jan 2014
E15. The Spirit Is Willie
Author Millicent Shand, a friend of Gov. Jameson, is in Hawaii to promote her new novel based on her adventures. She approaches McGarrett and the governor again, this time about he...
22 Jan 2014
E16. The Bark and the Bite
An intentionally silly episode (and the audience dissatisfaction showed in the ratings) about a spoiled heiress who tries to smuggle her dog into Hawaii in defiance of quarantine ....
21 Jan 2014
E17. Stringer
When Tony Alika's guns shoot out a tire on a police car, resulting in the death of a cop and the near-death of Duke, the whole crime is captured on film by a free-lance photographe...
23 Jan 2014
E18. The Execution File
An ex-cop turned private eye murders pimps in order to rescue their girls from lives of prostitution, particularly a youngster he's formed a special bond with.
30 Jan 2014
E19. A Very Personal Matter
McGarrett goes along with an old Navy buddy when the latter "investigates" a doctor who may have prescribed steroids to the Navy man's son with lethal aftereffects, but Danno and a...
31 Jan 2014
E20. The Skyline Killer
A serial killer brazenly tries to sell the rights to his story to a greedy book publisher, and then targets the publisher's daughter as his next victim after being turned down. The...
18 Aug 2007
E21. The Year of the Horse
As an American drug smuggler, who faces death by hanging if arrested by Singapore authorities, escapes McGarrett's grip quite literally by sliding along a tram car cable, then flee...
10 May 2014
Season 12
Season 12
E1. A Lion in the Streets
The Hawaiian kumu mob attempts to take over a resort-workers union, to the fury of native Hawaiians who vengefully infiltrate and smash underground activities in lawless fashion. M...
17 Mar 2014
E2. Who Says Cops Don't Cry?
When Officer Lori Wilson's husband is murdered by robbers just as he is about to become a Five-O team member, Lori herself joins Five-O to track down -- and possibly gun down -- th...
17 Mar 2014
E3. Though the Heavens Fall
An exclusive sporting club uses sport-hunting techniques to perform vigilante "justice" on criminals who beat the rap on technicalities.
01 Jan 2015
E4. Sign of the Ram
Steve is approached by an astrologer who tells him that a boxer who has a bout on the island will die if he goes through with the fight. But Steve is incredulous.
27 Apr 2014
E5. Good Help Is Hard to Find
In his last appearance, kumu mobster Tony Alika tries to divert Five-O's attention from his smuggling efforts -- including PCP and a hired killer who murdered Kimo's wife and son -...
29 Apr 2014
E6. Image of Fear
Someone apparently is trying to convince Joan Carter and everyone she knows that she is mentally ill and only imagining the frightening attacks on her life, but one of those people...
01 May 2014
E7. Use a Gun, Go to Hell
Various "owners" of a handgun of unusual design, which was used in a murder six months earlier and then dumped. Two punks use it in a robbery-shooting that leads to one of the thie...
01 May 2014
E8. Voice of Terror
A group fanatics who were plotting to take over a radio station so that they could broadcast their message are pulled over by a police cruiser. They shoot one of the two cops, then...
02 May 2014
E9. A Shallow Grave
A college student returns to Hawaii after a 20-year absence (his parents died when he was a little boy and he was adopted), haunted by a series of disturbing flashbacks which seem ...
02 May 2014
E10. The Kahuna
Kimo and Truck are sent to a remote location to help a scientist who is investigating several mysterious deaths by inhalation. Before long, Truck also shows signs of illness which ...
03 May 2014
E11. Labyrinth
A plastic surgeon's wife is kidnapped, and against his wishes Five-O is brought in to help find her. McGarrett and Kimo are puzzled by the doctor's apparent lack of concern for his...
04 May 2014
E12. School for Assassins
Five-O is assigned to provide security for a meeting involving a Middle Eastern sheik from OPEC, who is coming to Honolulu to negotiate with oil magnate John Ellington. McGarrett g...
10 May 2014
E13. For Old Times Sake
A school for wayward girls, run by a friend of Steve McGarrett's, needs $15,000 for overdue taxes or the school will be closed. Former counterfeiter Willie McFee, a flower breeder ...
10 May 2014
E14. The Golden Noose
The next-to-last show to be filmed features an escaped convict posing as a diplomat from a Far Eastern country in order to get at the country's store of gold bullion in a Honolulu ...
28 May 2014
E15. The Flight of the Jewels
Using radio-controlled model airplanes, three college students engineer the theft of the Hawaiian crown jewels.
29 May 2014
E16. Clash of Shadows
Israel's celebrated Nazi-hunter Yuri Bloch has apparently been killed in Honolulu while trying to gather information about a war criminal named Emil Klaus. Knowing the Bloch would ...
30 May 2014
E17. A Bird in Hand...
During a stopoff on a bird-watching expedition, tourists photograph an old sugar mill. They don't know that the mill is a front for a gold-smuggling operation and that one of their...
08 Jun 2014
E18. The Moroville Covenant
Paul Burke guest stars as attorney David Lawrence, a political candidate whose promising bid for the U.S. Senate is endangered by the murder of a man who tried to blackmail him. Al...
09 Jun 2014
E19. Woe to Wo Fat
The series concludes with the final showdown between McGarrett and Wo Fat. Three scientists who have disappeared have one thing in common, they all attended a symposium on possible...
09 Jun 2014
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