Mod Squad (1968)

Mod Squad (1968)

Years: 1968−1973

Duration: 60 min

Country: USA

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Writers: Harve Bennett, Tony Barrett, Sammy Hess

Stars: Clarence Williams III, Peggy Lipton, Michael Cole

Three young outsiders fight crime as undercover agents for the police.

IMDb: TT0062589

Rating: 7/10 from 1073

Season 1
Season 1
The Teeth of the Barracuda E1. The Teeth of the Barracuda
After a fellow police officer is murdered, the trio gets involved to find his killers. During the investigation it is discovered the daughter of a local political candidate may be ...
1 link 24 Sep 1968
Bad Man on Campus E2. Bad Man on Campus
The trio goes undercover at a local high school to break up a car theft ring run by students.
1 link 01 Oct 1968
E3. My What a Pretty Bus
The Squad go undercover in a prison to investigate one case but accidentally stumble onto another one involving counterfeiters.
1 link 08 Oct 1968
When Smitty Comes Marching Home E4. When Smitty Comes Marching Home
Linc tries to help an old friend, a returning Vietnam War soldier, after he is framed for the murder of a policemen.
1 link 22 Oct 1968
You Can't Tell the Players Without a Programmer E5. You Can't Tell the Players Without a Programmer
Pete saves a former school friend from drowning and discovers she's being blackmailed.
29 Oct 1968
A Time to Love - A Time to Cry E6. A Time to Love - A Time to Cry
A photographer wakes up in his studio and discovers his model is dead. The Squad works to clear him of her murder.
1 link 12 Nov 1968
Find Tara Chapman! E7. Find Tara Chapman!
A young woman arrives in L.A. not knowing she has meningitis. The Squad desperately tries to find her, but she thinks they're really looking to kill her, as she witnessed a mob hit...
1 link 19 Nov 1968
The Price of Terror E8. The Price of Terror
Somebody is out to kill Capt. Greer.
1 link 26 Nov 1968
A Quiet Weekend in the Country E9. A Quiet Weekend in the Country
A police informant dies before he can tell Capt. Greer about a drug smuggling operation. Greer sends his team to investigate a small community not very open to outsiders.
1 link 03 Dec 1968
Love E10. Love
Pete's cousin, a young woman desperate for attention, kidnaps a child.
1 link 10 Dec 1968
E11. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Starlet
When several young and blonde actresses die in a series grisly murders, Julie goes undercover, hoping she might catch the killer.
1 link 17 Dec 1968
The Guru E12. The Guru
After a local hippie newspaper is bombed, Pete, Linc and Julie get hired on to work there undercover to find out the scoop. They become embroiled in the personal lives of the Edito...
1 link 31 Dec 1968
The Sunday Drivers E13. The Sunday Drivers
In Las Vegas, as they watch from the stands, a stock car racer friend of Pete, Linc, and Julie is killed when his car flips over and explodes. Though at first reticent, Greer recon...
1 link 07 Jan 1969
Hello Mother, My Name Is Julie E14. Hello Mother, My Name Is Julie
Julie's estranged mother suddenly shows up and tells her she is getting married. Unfortunately Pete and Linc know something about her future step-father.
1 link 14 Jan 1969
Flight Five Doesn't Answer E15. Flight Five Doesn't Answer
A former syndicate boss is being transported by plane to meet with the Governor with the Squad undercover as the flight crew.
1 link 21 Jan 1969
Shell Game E16. Shell Game
Pete and Linc successfully infiltrate a gang of thieves only to discover they are protected by crooked cops and that Julie has become an unwitting hostage.
1 link 29 Jan 1969
Fear Is the Bucking Horse E17. Fear Is the Bucking Horse
Pete and Linc go undercover in a rodeo after a movie stuntman is nearly killed by an unknown shooter.
1 link 04 Feb 1969
A Hint of Darkness, a Hint of Light E18. A Hint of Darkness, a Hint of Light
A woman sunning on the beach is nearly killed when someone swims ashore. The would be killer is determined to get her, not realizing she is blind.
1 link 11 Feb 1969
The Uptight Town E19. The Uptight Town
Captain Greer disappears while on a fishing trip in a remote town. Pete, Linc and Julie go looking for him and discover the townspeople and sheriff are aloof and want them gone. Wh...
1 link 11 Nov 2006
A Reign of Guns E20. A Reign of Guns
Pete and Linc infiltrate the operation of a shipping magnate who is building a private army to start a race war.
1 link 25 Feb 1969
A Run for the Money E21. A Run for the Money
Pete's girlfriend get him tangled up in a mess involving her convict father and stolen money.
1 link 11 Mar 1969
Child of Sorrow, Child of Light E22. Child of Sorrow, Child of Light
After a young woman dies in a car bombing, Julie pretends to be a unmarried pregnant woman in order to infiltrate an illegal adoption agency.
1 link 18 Mar 1969
Keep the Faith, Baby E23. Keep the Faith, Baby
A black priest, at odds with his diocese, becomes the target of a hood after he is suspended by the Church. The hood believes the priest will reveal what he was told during his con...
1 link 25 Mar 1969
Captain Greer, Call Surgery E24. Captain Greer, Call Surgery
Someone is stealing narcotics from area hospitals and Greer has the team go undercover in what he thinks will be the next target.
1 link 01 Apr 1969
Peace Now - Arly Blau E25. Peace Now - Arly Blau
A draft dodger (and son of an Army General) becomes the center of the media's attention and an assassin's target. Julie is an old friend from school and offers to help him.
1 link 08 Apr 1969
A Seat by the Window E26. A Seat by the Window
After someone is killed at a bus station, the killer is believed to have escaped in one of three outgoing buses. Linc, Pete, and Julie each board one of the buses to track the poss...
1 link 15 Apr 1969
Season 2
Season 2
The Girl in Chair Nine E1. The Girl in Chair Nine
Capt. Greer reluctantly enlists the aid of a psychic to help find a kidnapped coed.
1 link 23 Sep 1969
My Name Is Manolete E2. My Name Is Manolete
Julie takes in a young, apparently destitute, Mexican boy, not realizing that he is connected to a couple of thieves who don't want him talking to the wrong people.
1 link 30 Sep 1969
An Eye for an Eye E3. An Eye for an Eye
The widow of an FBI agent, who is dating Greer, is kidnapped by a narcotics gang.
1 link 07 Oct 1969
Ride the Man Down E4. Ride the Man Down
While on vacation Pete befriends a woman who tells him her brother is missing. When she is found dead he's charged with her murder.
1 link 14 Oct 1969
To Linc - With Love E5. To Linc - With Love
Linc is initially bummed about having to get his driver's license renewed until he meets the examiner. They start dating but a man from her past comes back into her life and causes...
1 link 21 Oct 1969
Lisa E6. Lisa
After the police commissioner's sister is the apparent target of a killer Greer and the Squad are assigned to watch over her.
1 link 04 Nov 1969
Confrontation! E7. Confrontation!
During a campus demonstration a student protester is found dead. The protesters think he was killed by the police and the police think he was killed by another student.
1 link 11 Nov 1969
Willie Poor Boy E8. Willie Poor Boy
During a botched robbery Willie falls down an elevator shaft. In the hospital they discover he's illiterate and try to help him learn to read and move beyond a life of crime. But h...
1 link 18 Nov 1969
E9. The Death of Wild Bill Hannachek
Julie is posing as a singer at a wayside inn as the Squad investigates the death of a fading country-western singer.
1 link
A Place to Run, a Heart to Hide In E10. A Place to Run, a Heart to Hide In
Pete, Linc and Julie enroll in college as students to help aid the campus investigation of a young man's mysterious death.
1 link 02 Dec 1969
The Healer E11. The Healer
After a man attending the funeral service of a friend of Linc's is run down by a car right outside the service, the trio investigate and find the hit-and-run victim had referred Li...
1 link 09 Dec 1969
In This Corner - Sol Alpert E12. In This Corner - Sol Alpert
When Pete and Linc's friend Sol Alpert (who survived a plane crash with them and Captain Greer in the first season episode "Flight Five Doesn't Answer") finds his business vandaliz...
1 link 16 Dec 1969
Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break E13. Never Give the Fuzz an Even Break
Pete, Linc, and Julie go undercover to trap a suave, charming veteran con man. His latest targets are three gullible elderly widows.
1 link 18 Jul 2014
The Debt E14. The Debt
Pete searches for a young man who saved him from a beating by muggers, but then ran off when he discovered he was a cop. He finds that the young man is trying to look for his fathe...
1 link 30 Dec 1969
Sweet Child of Terror E15. Sweet Child of Terror
Julie is kidnapped and held for ransom by a disturbed young man who has mistaken her for her friend, the daughter of a wealthy woman whom he wants to punish for insulting him.
1 link 06 Jan 1970
The King of Empty Cups E16. The King of Empty Cups
Chief Metcalf asks the squad to find his daughter, who has left home despondent after the death of her fiancé in Vietnam. They find her, addicted to drugs and part of a decadent ro...
1 link 20 Jan 1970
A Town Called Sincere E17. A Town Called Sincere
While on a motorcycle trip to Mexico, Pete and Linc are detoured by a biker gang into a border town and held hostage along with all of the town's residents. The gang refuses to lea...
1 link 27 Jan 1970
The Exile E18. The Exile
Julie becomes romantically involved with a foreign exchange student from a Middle Eastern country which is in political turmoil, not knowing that he is actually the son of the coun...
1 link 03 Feb 1970
Survival House E19. Survival House
Guest star Sammy Davis Jr. plays Billy Lee Watson, a recovered drug addict who is accused of statutory rape by his alleged victim's father, who wants to close down the halfway hous...
1 link 10 Feb 1970
Mother of Sorrow E20. Mother of Sorrow
Pete's fraternity brother is framed for murder.
1 link 17 Feb 1970
The Deadly Sin E21. The Deadly Sin
A young nun sees her gangster father commit a murder, but blanks out the memory of it. Unfortunately, higher-ups in the syndicate learn of it and decide to have her hit.
1 link 24 Feb 1970
A Time for Remembering E22. A Time for Remembering
As the trio reminisces over two years together, and Pete considers quitting the group to work with his father, an old nemesis arrives: Beau Graves, one of those they helped put in ...
1 link 03 Mar 1970
Return to Darkness, Return to Light E23. Return to Darkness, Return to Light
Janny Wills, first introduced in the first season episode "A Hint Of Darkness, A Hint Of Light", invites Linc, Pete, and Julie to meet her new fiancé, Dr. Frank Tarver. Tarver does...
1 link 17 Mar 1970
Call Back Yesterday E24. Call Back Yesterday
Pete visits his Beverly Hills home to try to help his old girlfriend, who believes her father is being kept in a mental ward against his will and manipulated by her uncle and cousi...
1 link 24 Mar 1970
Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot! E25. Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot!
Pete, Linc, and Julie go undercover working on a film project on which strange accidents have occurred. The film is based on a twenty-year old murder mystery, and the director beli...
1 link 31 Mar 1970
The Loser E26. The Loser
After he tries to stop a runaway car, the son of a former cop and friend of Captain Greer is charged with stealing the vehicle. Then it is learned that the car, which belonged to a...
1 link 07 Apr 1970
Season 3
Season 3
The Long Road Home E1. The Long Road Home
While staking out a warehouse robbery, Pete accidentally injures a young woman named Billie. Guilt-ridden, he falls in love with Billie, an aspiring folk singer with a hauntingly b...
1 link 30 Sep 2010
See the Eagles Dying E2. See the Eagles Dying
When an old man dies in a skydiving mishap, Pete joins the group to find out what happened.
29 Sep 1970
Who Are the Keepers, Who Are the Inmates? E3. Who Are the Keepers, Who Are the Inmates?
Linc receives a desperate call from an old friend, now an inmate at a mental institution. Shortly afterward, the friend is dead of "heart failure", only the latest of a number of s...
06 Oct 1970
'A' Is for Annie E4. 'A' Is for Annie
Julie comes to the assistance of her old teacher, who is being targeted by others in her community for teaching sex education in school.
1 link 13 Oct 1970
The Song of Willie E5. The Song of Willie
Sammy Davis Jr. makes his third guest starring role in the series, this time as Willie Rush, an actor and old friend of Linc's, who is apparently the victim of attempts on his life...
20 Oct 1970
Search and Destroy E6. Search and Destroy
A hard-nosed ex-cop returns from Vietnam to investigate the death of his brother, who was killed in a car accident just after he called him and told him that he had seen a murder, ...
1 link 27 Oct 1970
Just Ring the Bell Once E7. Just Ring the Bell Once
The trio becomes involved in the case of a young boy who's being raised in an orphanage. His mother is not taking care of him, but she does not want to give him up for adoption, an...
03 Nov 1970
Welcome to the Human Race, Levi Frazee! E8. Welcome to the Human Race, Levi Frazee!
Pete is knocked out and jailed in a small town when he tries to assist Levi Frazee, an Indian who is believed to be withholding the whereabouts of his cousin, who is suspected of m...
1 link 10 Nov 1970
A Far Away Place So Near E9. A Far Away Place So Near
Linc comes to the airport to meet a friend who is returning from Vietnam, only to learn that he was killed by a sniper on the day he was supposed to go home. Suspicious of the stor...
17 Nov 1970
A Time of Hyacinths E10. A Time of Hyacinths
Julie is staying at a beach house where she is helped by a kind old fisherman who lives nearby. He tells her to ring her porch bell whenever she needs his help. When she visits his...
1 link 16 May 2015
The Judas Trap E11. The Judas Trap
The head of a local campus ROTC is murdered, and the main suspect is the man's mentally disabled teenage son, whom he had frequently beaten. However, Pete and Linc, who have befrie...
15 Nov 2013
Fever E12. Fever
Julie is forced at gunpoint to drive Cliff Hansen and his young son to Los Angeles. Cliff has kidnapped his son to take him away from the influence of his wealthy father-in-law. Ho...
1 link 15 Dec 1970
Is There Anyone Left in Santa Paula? E13. Is There Anyone Left in Santa Paula?
The trio search for an illegal immigrant, a friend of Pete's who ran after an immigration officer was seriously injured while trying to apprehend him. Complicating their search is ...
29 Dec 1970
E14. A Short Course in War
Student activists protesting for academic changes at their college take over the administrative building, and hold Julie and an elderly and ill female teacher hostage. Meanwhile, a...
1 link 05 Jan 1971
Kicks Incorporated E15. Kicks Incorporated
Linc goes undercover in a well organized ring of vandals who have been harassing a number of citizens. The leader behind the ring is a golfing partner of Lieutenant Greer's.
1 link 12 Jan 1971
A Bummer for R.J. E16. A Bummer for R.J.
In a reversal of the more common situation, a conventional young friend of Julie's asks the trio's help in locating her father, who has gone into the hippie subculture. Unknown to ...
19 Jan 1971
The Hot, Hot Car E17. The Hot, Hot Car
A businessman reports the theft of his partner's car---and admits that he wired it with dynamite, set to go off in eight hours. Unfortunately, the search for the car is complicated...
1 link 26 Jan 1971
Suffer, Little Children E18. Suffer, Little Children
A straight-laced young minister comes to L.A. to investigate the murder of his brother, a doctor who had set up an inner city free clinic for homeless and runaway youths. Many stol...
1 link 09 Feb 1971
Is That Justice? No, It's the Law E19. Is That Justice? No, It's the Law
Greer and another veteran cop have both been frustrated by a drug pusher they've been trying to nail, who has twice had his case dismissed on legal technicalities. Finally, the thi...
16 Feb 1971
A Double for Danger E20. A Double for Danger
A girl working undercover for a cop trying to bring down a drug lord is accidentally killed. Because of her resemblance to the dead girl, Julie is quickly recruited to impersonate ...
1 link 23 Feb 1971
Welcome to Our City E21. Welcome to Our City
The trio tries to help a boy in his search for his father, who came to L.A. from West Virginia hoping to find work. It soon becomes apparent that there are people who don't want th...
1 link 02 Mar 1971
The Comeback E22. The Comeback
A middle-aged legendary prizefighter tries for a comeback match, mainly to please his troubled son, whom he thinks wants him to prove he's not a has-been. But the son may have othe...
1 link 09 Mar 1971
We Spy E23. We Spy
While working undercover as safe crackers, Pete and Linc meet a timid, clumsy young man who asks them to teach him about their trade. They learn that the young man has a twin broth...
1 link 16 Mar 1971
The Price of Love E24. The Price of Love
When his motorcycle breaks down on a trip, Linc stops in an abandoned town, only to discover that a kidnapped boy is being held there for ransom. The kidnappers decide to hold Linc...
1 link 23 Mar 1971
Season 4
Season 4
The Sentinals E1. The Sentinals
While searching for a pair of murderers, the trio uncovers a link between murder, a stolen car and a threatened epidemic.
1 link 14 Sep 1971
Cricket E2. Cricket
Julie and a young boy named Cricket go to the park where Cricket finds a gun dropped by a man he runs into. Cricket then accidentally shoots Julie and, thinking he's killed her, ru...
1 link 05 Mar 2016
Home Is the Streets E3. Home Is the Streets
A former addict helps the trio catch a cop killer - her own stepfather.
1 link 28 Sep 1971
Survival E4. Survival
After Julie picks up a blind hitchhiker, they have a flat tire and flag down a passing car for help. Unfortunately, the people in the car trick them into switching cars and abandon...
1 link 05 Oct 1971
Color of Laughter, Color of Tears E5. Color of Laughter, Color of Tears
A circus owner asks the trio for help in finding out who's committed sabotage and murder in the big top.
1 link 12 Oct 1971
The Medicine Men E6. The Medicine Men
Julie is drawn into a bittersweet romance and blackmail.
1 link 19 Oct 1971
The Sands of Anger E7. The Sands of Anger
Julie, Linc and Pete attend a dune buggy race where a pickup truck blows up, killing a young man Julie had just met. The trio then investigate the incident, suspecting foul play.
1 link 26 Oct 1971
The Poisoned Mind E8. The Poisoned Mind
After Captain Greer shoots and kills a young man in self defense during a bust, he suffers from feelings of guilt and remorse. Julie suggests he take a vacation at a secluded resor...
1 link 02 Nov 1971
Exit the Closer E9. Exit the Closer
The trio helps a used-car salesman who's made a deal with the devil.
1 link 09 Nov 1971
Whatever Happened to Linc Hayes? E10. Whatever Happened to Linc Hayes?
On his way to the liquor store, Linc is mugged and hit over the head. When he comes to, he wanders around in a daze, unable to remember who he is or what he was doing.
1 link 16 Nov 1971
And a Little Child Shall Bleed Them E11. And a Little Child Shall Bleed Them
The trio must protect a TV clown from an assassination attempt.
1 link 23 Nov 1971
Real Loser E12. Real Loser
Someone is out to kill an unfortunate young man.
30 Nov 1971
Death of a Nobody E13. Death of a Nobody
The trio investigates after an innocent bystander is killed by a speeding car after it narrowly misses Pete.
07 Dec 1971
Feet of Clay E14. Feet of Clay
Linc saves a guard from a warehouse fire, then gets involved with a young-deaf mute targeted for assassination.
1 link 14 Dec 1971
I Am My Brother's Keeper E15. I Am My Brother's Keeper
Pete is targeted by the very gunman he's tracking down.
1 link 04 Jan 1972
Deal with the Devil E16. Deal with the Devil
Pete is contacted by his old friend Rusty Bryson, a war correspondent whom he knew and idolized as a boy. But the Treasury department is looking for Bryson, who it suspects of smug...
1 link 11 Jan 1972
Kill Gently, Sweet Jessie E17. Kill Gently, Sweet Jessie
The trio and Greer know that a paroled killer plans to get revenge on Pete, but Pete has no idea why the man is out to get him.
1 link 18 Jan 1972
Shockwave E18. Shockwave
Julie grows attached to a baby that's been abandoned by a couple on a robbery and murder spree.
1 link 25 Jan 1972
No More Oak Leaves for Ernie Holland E19. No More Oak Leaves for Ernie Holland
A Vietnam veteran returns to the police force with questionable ideas of dealing with dissident ghetto residents.
1 link 01 Feb 1972
The Cave E20. The Cave
Julie, Link and Pete break down in the desert during a sandstorm and seek shelter in an abandoned mine. An old man embittered by the death of his son in the war who hates hippies t...
1 link 08 Feb 1972
The Wild Weekend E21. The Wild Weekend
When Pete runs into an old girlfriend, she invites him to her birthday party but he turns her down, only to be kidnapped by her two friends and forced to attend the party.
1 link 15 Feb 1972
The Tangled Web E22. The Tangled Web
Pete and Linc come close to breaking the law as they attempt to help a parolee, an old friend of Julie's, return stolen jewelry.
1 link 22 Feb 1972
Outside Position E23. Outside Position
A stable boy's employer frames him for possessing drugs and continues conspiring against him after his parole, all in order to stop the young man's romance with his daughter.
1 link 29 Feb 1972
Big George E24. Big George
A man happens to witness the murder of a sales clerk and agrees to testify at the trial. As a result he and his family are relentlessly terrorized by someone, even after the trial ...
1 link 07 Mar 1972
Season 5
Season 5
The Connection E1. The Connection
The trio go undercover to take down an international drug ring.
1 link 04 Aug 2010
The Thundermakers E2. The Thundermakers
A youth joins a motorcycle gang that plans to pull off a robbery of his father's company.
1 link 21 Sep 1972
Yesterday's Ashes E3. Yesterday's Ashes
The trio believes that plastic surgery may be the best way to rehabilitate a disfigured girl caught shoplifting.
1 link 28 Sep 1972
E4. A Gift for Jenny
A fur coat is the only lead the trio has in a case involving kidnapping and murder that has them baffled.
1 link 05 Oct 1972
Taps, Play It Louder E5. Taps, Play It Louder
The trio searches for Julie's cousin, a Vietnam veteran who missed his stop when he took the bus home.
1 link 12 Oct 1972
Eyes of the Beholder E6. Eyes of the Beholder
A killer stalks Pete as he helps a formerly blind girl.
1 link 19 Oct 1972
Good Times Are Just Memories E7. Good Times Are Just Memories
A dirty cop frames Pete for the murder of a confederate in crime.
1 link 26 Oct 1972
Corbey E8. Corbey
A policeman attempts to nab a pusher who's able to get off on technicalities.
02 Nov 1972
Can You Hear Me Out There? E9. Can You Hear Me Out There?
A rash of car thefts appear to be connected to a particular radio station and a puzzling code. Pete becomes friends with the car thief while Julie and Linc check out the station.
1 link 09 Nov 1972
Another Final Game E10. Another Final Game
Pete and Julie pose as a newlywed couple to outsmart a master con artist.
1 link 16 Nov 1972
Crime Club E11. Crime Club
Students with high IQs commit crimes just for kicks.
1 link 23 Nov 1972
The Twain E12. The Twain
A Korean girl finds trouble in her search for her American father. Pete accidentally hits her with his car after she runs from the scene of a murder she witnessed, and the killers ...
1 link 30 Nov 1972
Belinda, End of Little Miss Bubble Gum E13. Belinda, End of Little Miss Bubble Gum
The squad must determine if a former child star is a klutz or a target for murder.
1 link 07 Dec 1972
Kristie E14. Kristie
A little girl's father gets in trouble with jewel thieves just before Christmas. He leaves his daughter with Pete, an old friend, but then doesn't return for her as promised, and t...
1 link 14 Dec 1972
Sanctuary E15. Sanctuary
Julie is put in the hospital when she's targeted by syndicate undercover agents.
1 link 21 Dec 1972
Run, Lincoln, Run E16. Run, Lincoln, Run
Linc tries to save his cabby friend from loan sharks.
1 link 04 Jan 1973
Don't Kill My Child E17. Don't Kill My Child
A father is suspected of beating his own son.
1 link 18 Jan 1973
Death in High Places E18. Death in High Places
The trio's investigation of a cover-up in a construction-site murder leads them to a pair of bad heavies.
25 Jan 1973
Put Out the Welcome Mat for Death E19. Put Out the Welcome Mat for Death
The trio investigates a euthanasia that may turn out to be murder. The accused man, who killed his terminally ill wife, claims she was in intolerable pain, but doctors say she was ...
1 link 01 Feb 1973
Scion of Death E20. Scion of Death
The parents of a kidnapped young man give the trio a hard time with their silence.
1 link 08 Feb 1973
The Night Holds Terror E21. The Night Holds Terror
Julie is trapped in a strange house with an escaped lunatic.
1 link 15 Feb 1973
Cry Uncle E22. Cry Uncle
The visit of Captain Greer's uncle, a painter, may have something to do with a series of art thefts.
1 link 22 Feb 1973
And Once for My Baby E23. And Once for My Baby
An imaginative thief plots a spectacular heist. The trio hopes to stop it before it happens, but they learn of another urgency.
01 Mar 1973
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