MythBusters: The Search (2017)

MythBusters: The Search (2017)

Year: 2017

Duration: 42 min

Genres: Game-Show, Reality-TV

Stars: Robert Lee, Chris Hackett, Kyle Hill, Tracy Fanara, Brian Louden

A reality competition show that aims to find the next stars to continue the popular MythBusters - Die Wissensjäger (2003) series.

IMDb: TT5612722

Rating: 4.2/10 from 262

Season 1
Season 1
Fast & Furious Ejector Seat E1. Fast & Furious Ejector Seat
Elite builders face off to become the next MythBusters and test two tall tales: the sideways ejector seat from The Fast & the Furious and Deflategate, one of the most infamous foot...
6 links 07 Jan 2017
Painting with Explosives Revisited E2. Painting with Explosives Revisited
One contestant has been eliminated, and nine hopefuls remain to test a classic myth that Adam and Jamie never mastered: Can you paint with explosives? They'll also test if alcohol ...
6 links 14 Jan 2017
Shooting Blind E3. Shooting Blind
Eight contestants are left to build and race two full-sized boats made completely of cardboard. Next, they'll put Hollywood on trial and test everyone's gun skills: Can you shoot a...
2 links 21 Jan 2017
Revenge of the Needle in a Haystack E4. Revenge of the Needle in a Haystack
Seven contestants remain to test one of Adam and Jamie's most challenging myths: the needle in a haystack. Then, they try to bust a classic Hollywood cliche: Can you pick handcuffs...
1 link 28 Jan 2017
The A-Team Challenge E5. The A-Team Challenge
The search for the next MythBusters continues as the contestants test a myth straight out of the A-Team: can you make a weapon out of junkyard scrap? Then, they find what it takes ...
2 links 04 Feb 2017
Hollywood Plane Landing E6. Hollywood Plane Landing
The remaining contestants test two life-or-death myths. First, they test if you can scale seven stories with vacuum cleaners. Next, they try a Hollywood worst-case scenario: Can an...
2 links 11 Feb 2017
Return of the Spy Car E7. Return of the Spy Car
2 links 18 Feb 2017
Exploding Grand Finale E8. Exploding Grand Finale
2 links 25 Feb 2017
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