Playmakers (2003)

Playmakers (2003)

Year: 2003

Duration: 491 min

Country: USA

Genres: Crime, Drama, Sport

Writer: John Eisendrath

Stars: Omar Gooding, Tony Denison, Russell Hornsby

The series is a gritty ensemble drama about the off-field lives of a group of players on a pro football team and how they deal with the pressure of being on the professional level.

IMDb: TT0375411

Rating: 8.6/10 from 1064

Season 1
Season 1
Game Day E1. Game Day
It's six hours before the Cougar's next game and star running back Demetrius DH Harris is miles away after a wild night of partying. Soon a routine speeding stop threatens to land ...
2 links 26 Aug 2003
Piss Man E2. Piss Man
Demetrius (DH) gets the heads up that he's in line for a mandatory urine test/drug screening. But his drug use has become an addiction and he's unable to clean up before the test s...
2 links 02 Sep 2003
Choice: Part 1 E3. Choice: Part 1
Team owner Wilbanks warns DH that he'll have to drop his old friends or they'll drag him down. A showboat maneuver by DH ends up costing the team the weeks game and while his frien...
2 links 09 Sep 2003
Choice: Part 2 E4. Choice: Part 2
The police are questioning DH's account of what happened the night of the shooting in the club. Leon and his wife are still not seeing eye to eye on his continuing his playing care...
2 links 16 Sep 2003
Halftime E5. Halftime
The first half has been brutal and several Cougars are looking at injuries that need to be treated before the second half. McConnell has hurt his arm again. Leon has re-injured his...
2 links 23 Sep 2003
Man in Motion E6. Man in Motion
DH walks out on a scolding about his poor performance and Wilbanks arranges for him to get a rapid detox treatment. McConnell arranges a night on the town with some lingerie catalo...
30 Sep 2003
Talk Radio E7. Talk Radio
Leon Taylor is in the middle of his domestic violence case and it is all the newspaper, radio, and TV can talk about. DH fresh out of detox is still having issues with his cravings...
07 Oct 2003
Down & Distance E8. Down & Distance
14 Oct 2003
The Outing E9. The Outing
Guerwitcz gets engaged to stop any speculation that he might be gay but his boyfriend reacts badly. Meanwhile Leon feels betrayed when he hears about Olczyk's in-season contract re...
28 Oct 2003
Tenth of a Second E10. Tenth of a Second
04 Nov 2003
Week 17 E11. Week 17
11 Nov 2003
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