Snapped: Killer Couples (2013)

Snapped: Killer Couples (2013)

Year: 2013

Duration: 60 min

Country: USA

Genre: Documentary

Stars: Emily Muse, Shelia Wofford, Mark E. Carter, Leigh Scarbrough, My'Chyl Purr

Features couples whose passion drives them to commit terrible criminal acts. Through recreations and gripping firsthand accounts, each episode takes a deep dive into the stories behind the ... See full summary »

IMDb: TT2723810

Rating: 7.5/10 from 111

Season -1
Season -1
E-1. Plunkett
26 Apr 2015
E-1. Bury-Melbane (2017)
E-1. Cindy Hendy and David Parker Ray
03 Feb 2014
E-1. Deception in D.C.
05 Jun 2016
E-1. Cousins
03 Apr 2016
Jennifer Pan & Daniel Wong E-1. Jennifer Pan & Daniel Wong
High School sweethearts, Jennifer Pan & Daniel Wong, hide their love from their parents and later discover the consequences are larger than they expected. The honeymoon couple deci...
E-1. Victoria and Nathaniel Jackson
15 May 2016
E-1. Dawn Godman and Justin Helzer
A desperate couple's air-tight scheme leads to murder when they kidnap a wealthy businessman.
25 Jan 2015
Season 1
Season 1
E1. Amanda Logue & Jason Andrews
A housewife turned porn star teams up with her co-star to commit murder after a wild sex party.
1 link 10 Mar 2013
E2. Jennifer Henderson & Skylar Deleon
A devout evangelical housewife and a former child star devise a scandalous murder plot that ends with a bizarre attempt at a sex change operation.
1 link 17 Mar 2013
E3. Sarah Edmondson & Ben Darras
A teenaged girl from a prominent political family falls for a boy with a sordid past, and the young lovers embark on a psychedelic road trip inspired by their favorite movie: Natur...
1 link 24 Mar 2013
E4. Tina Leja & Darnell Smith
A homecoming queen turned prison guard falls in love with an inmate and finds herself willing to do anything to make him happy.
1 link 31 Mar 2013
E5. Tylar Witt & Steven Colver
This couple was the Romeo and Juliet of their time, but in order to spend eternity together they had to eliminate the person that stood in their way.
1 link 07 Apr 2013
E6. Laura Hall & Colton Pitonyak
The dismembered body of a young woman exposes the dark side of two former honor students.
1 link 07 Jul 2013
E7. Elizabeth Turpin & Karen Brown
A blood soaked scene leaves police to wonder if there's more than meets the eye between a young newlywed and her openly gay co-worker.
1 link 14 Jul 2013
E8. Donna Moonda & Damian Bradford
A shocking affair between a wealthy doctor's wife and a much younger bad boy ends in violence.
1 link 21 Jul 2013
E9. Nicole Kasinskas & Billy Sullivan
Teenage lovers become so obsessed with one another, they go to deadly ends to make sure they can stay together forever.
1 link 28 Jul 2013
E10. Tabitha Messina & Carlos Christopher
An argument over a borrowed cell phone links teenage lovers to a double homicide.
1 link 04 Aug 2013
Season 2
Season 2
E1. Tina Loesh and Skye Hanson
1 link 03 Nov 2013
E2. Coty Martinez & Jeremy Brooks
A modern day Bonnie and Clyde embark on a two-month, multi-state crime wave that sends shockwaves across the country.
1 link 10 Nov 2013
E3. Emilia Carr & Joshua Fulgham
A bitter love triangle turns deadly after a jealous lover refuses to let go.
1 link 17 Nov 2013
E4. Rachel Cumberland & John Williams
A trucker couple traveling the highways of the United States are hiding a dark secret: they're road-bound maniacs with unquenchable appetites for wild sex, hard drugs, and cold-blo...
1 link 24 Nov 2013
E5. Haysom/Soering
1 link 04 Oct 2016
E6. Tiffany Cole & Micheal Jackson
When two hard-partying lovers fall on hard times they turn to an elderly couple for help, but the older couple's generosity is soon repaid with cold-blooded betrayal.
1 link 08 Dec 2013
E7. David Parker Ray & Cindy Hendy
An escaped victim of the famous Toy Box Killings exposes a couple whose extreme tastes for sadism and death would shock the nation.
1 link 15 Dec 2013
Alicia Woodward and John Esposito E8. Alicia Woodward and John Esposito
A summer romance takes a dark turn when two outcast teens turn a cross-country joy ride into a full on killing spree.
1 link 16 Feb 2014
E9. Cynthia Coffman & James Marlow
A pair of sociopathic lovers fall in love after being locked up in the same jail - and their obsession for one another is only matched by their dual addiction for rampant crime and...
1 link 23 Feb 2014
E10. Suzan & Michael Carson
Two lost and lonely hippies fall in love, deciding to turn their backs on the modern world for a life of hallucinogenic drugs, new-age religion, and a multi-state murder spree.
1 link 02 Mar 2014
Season 3
Season 3
E1. Pike/Shipp
A pair of troubled teens take their dark obsessions to the extreme when their romance is threatened by a fellow classmate.
08 Jun 2014
E2. Andrew/Pavott
Two Sunday school teachers become cold-blooded killers when they conspire to murder one of their spouses for insurance money.
15 Jun 2014
E3. Poirier/Upton
Two lesbians seduce a pool shark, Donald Fish, and take him to a park, and end up stoning him to his death.
22 Jun 2014
E4. Simonin/Danylchuk
Two lovers conspire to commit murder - and get their hands on a million dollar insurance payout.
29 Jun 2014
E5. George/Cassimy
An extramarital affair heats up when two lovers conspire to kill one of their spouses in order to avoid losing everything in a divorce.
06 Jul 2014
E6. Walter/Gregory
Two sex-obsessed strip club employees start a passionate relationship that quickly turns into a dance with death.
13 Jul 2014
E7. Jennifer Mee & Lamont Newton
A bizarre hiccupping affliction gives a teen her 15 minutes of fame. But when the limelight fades she finds her adrenaline rush in a relationship with a bad boy, and uses social ne...
20 Jul 2014
E8. Deidre Hunt & Kosta Fotopoulos
After a murder-for-hire goes dreadfully awry, surprise video evidence may help police prove just how far this couple is willing to go to rule the Daytona empire.
27 Jul 2014
E9. Kara Homolka & Paul Bernardo
A couple's mutual passion for sex and torture destroys the lives of everyone they encounter.
03 Aug 2014
E10. Graham-Wood
A pair of female serial killers turn a nursing home into a hotbed of sex, scandal, and murder.
10 Aug 2014
Season 4
Season 4
E1. Amanda and Grant Hayes
A turbulent love triangle takes a deadly turn - leaving behind a dismembered body, and a killer couple pointing the finger at each other in the aftermath.
05 Oct 2014
E2. Brittany Smith and Jabrai Copney
12 Oct 2014
E3. Michelle Michaud & James Daveggio
A couple's dark sexual cravings lead to a series of assaults that only become more gruesome as things heat up.
19 Oct 2014
E4. Sara Aldrete and Adolfo Constanzo
In the Mexican desert; two cult leaders' passion for torture and human sacrifice is exposed when they pick the wrong victim.
26 Oct 2014
E5. Carol Bundy and Douglas Clark
A one-night stand turns into a romance from hell after a woman learns of her lover's dark and deadly desires.
02 Nov 2014
E6. Charlene and Gerald Gallego
When a sexually charged love affair spins out of control, two lovers go to extreme lengths to satisfy their desires and the consequences are deadly.
04 Jan 2015
E7. Mona Lisa Watson & Michael Howell
11 Jan 2015
E8. Donna and Jason Slaughter
A married couple's twisted scheme is exposed when they conspire to murder the husband's secret lover. But was this a crime of passion or a cold blooded plot for cash?
18 Jan 2015
Episode #4.9 E9. Episode #4.9
25 Jan 2015
E10. Dawn Godman and Taylor Helzer
Inspired by a zealous prophet, two lovers set out on a deadly mission to prove their devotion to each other and their bizarre religion.
25 Jan 2015
Season 5
Season 5
E1. Diane Zamora and David Graham
The passionate romance between two academy-bound high school sweethearts turns deadly when a youthful indiscretion leads to cold-blooded murder.
26 Apr 2015
E2. Christina Marcum and Jason Singleton
Two obsessed ex-lovers reunite, but their adulterous affair turns deadly when they conspire to get rid of his wife.
03 May 2015
E3. Samantha Bachynski & Patrick Selepak
A naïve 19-year-old honor student falls in love with an ex-convict, and finds herself part of a sadistic killing spree.
10 May 2015
E4. Kat McDonough & Seth Mazzaglia
A couple's lifestyle of kink and domination turns deadly when an unwitting college girl enters the picture.
17 May 2015
E5. Kimberly Michaud and Jimmie Dale Kelley
A small-town mother finds herself captivated by an ex-convict, and soon learns the fatal consequences of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
24 May 2015
E6. Miranda & Elytte Barbour
A twisted sense of justice leads a pair of demented newlyweds to lure an unsuspecting victim on Craigslist.
31 May 2015
Chie Coggins-Johnson and Scott Barker E7. Chie Coggins-Johnson and Scott Barker
When the son of a wealthy film producer is found stabbed to death in his Beverly Hills mansion, is a deadly love triangle to blame?
07 Jun 2015
E8. Antionette Franks and Roger Lacaze
A scandalous love affair between a police officer and a criminal leads to a bloody triple murder.
14 Jun 2015
E9. Kim Williams and Eric Williams
21 Jun 2015
E10. Susie Newsom and Fritz Klenner
A forbidden affair leaves two lovers determined to keep their relationship a secret-even if it means killing anyone who poses a threat.
28 Jun 2015
Season 6
Season 6
E1. Stephanie Molino & Coty Young
11 Oct 2015
E2. Harlow Cuadra & Joe Kerekes
A Virginia couple's desperation leaves their gay porn empire in ashes.
18 Oct 2015
Jennifer Pan & Daniel Wong E3. Jennifer Pan & Daniel Wong
High School sweethearts, Jennifer Pan & Daniel Wong, hide their love from their parents and later discover the consequences are larger than they expected. The honeymoon couple deci...
Dena Riley & Richard Dean Davis E4. Dena Riley & Richard Dean Davis
A couples' lives heat up as they journey into the world of rough sex and snuff film. They just need some victims to make their dark dreams come true.
01 Nov 2015
E5. Diana Haun & Michael Dally
Two love-obsessed grocery store employees find passion among the aisles and come up with a deadly plan to begin their lives together.
08 Nov 2015
E6. Brandi Hungerford & Robert Lemke
An Arizona high-roller's luck runs out when two strippers conspire to take his life.
15 Nov 2015
E7. Antoinette Stephen & Kashif Parvaiz
When a family is attacked on the side of the road in an apparent hate crime; investigators uncover a crime of passion, lust, and revenge.
22 Nov 2015
E8. Cassandra Kimbrough & Antonio Drayton
A red-hot romance comes to a fiery end when jealousy threatens to rip two lovers apart. Is it a crime of passion or a cold-blooded conspiracy?
29 Nov 2015
E9. Nicole Houchin & John Mackay
Two married couples' infidelity leads to one deadly home invasion, and a shocking investigation that unveils a pair of unlikely suspects.
06 Dec 2015
E10. Pamela Smart & William "Billy" Flynn
A sexy teacher and her teenaged lover hatch a plot that rocks a nation.
13 Dec 2015
Season 7
Season 7
E1. Angela Hill/Logan McFarland
A couple embark on a crime spree.
03 Apr 2016
E2. Leslie and Michael MacKool
The 2003 stabbing death of a mother is investigated.
10 Apr 2016
E3. Padgett-Sims
An emotional rollercoaster leaves a young bride dead and just when it looks like justice could be served, her killers reveal a shocking twist that just might get them off the hook.
17 Apr 2016
E4. Katie Belflower/Michael Simons
The slaying of a teen in 2002 is investigated.
24 Apr 2016
E5. Hawkins-Hanson
A salesman and young hustler form a partnership in business and in romance. When a medical tragedy proves to be anything but natural police uncover a twisted tale of sex, deception...
01 May 2016
E6. Ny Nourn and Ronald Barker
The 1998 slaying of a dating service boss is investigated.
08 May 2016
E7. Victoria and Nathaniel Jackson
When a generous multi-millionaire is found murdered, detectives uncover a mountain of family secrets, a history of sexual abuse and greedy young lovers in the center of it all.
15 May 2016
E8. Lisa Toney and Sienky Llallemand
When a secret life of passion and extravagance is exposed, two lovers take drastic - and deadly - measures to preserve it.
22 May 2016
E9. Monserrate Shirley and Mark Leonard
A deadly 2012 gas explosion is investigated.
29 May 2016
E10. Sandra Murphy and Richard Tabish
The sudden death of a Las Vegas casino mogul might not be an accident, but rather the evil doings of his girlfriend and her secret lover.
05 Jun 2016
Season 8
Season 8
E1. Christine Moody and Jeremy Moody
A white supremacist couple's vigilantism ends in a double murder.
06 Aug 2016
E2. Stanek - Toile
A suburban sex scandal uncovers a deadly secret which leads to a missing pilot.
13 Aug 2016
E3. Canady/Starr
A cougar and her new boyfriend devise a vicious plot to get rid of an old boyfriend.
20 Aug 2016
E4. Peggy Sue Thomas - Jim Huden
A Las Vegas red haired siren and her millionaire boyfriend become suspects in a murder, hundreds of miles away.
27 Aug 2016
E4. Peggy Sue Thomas - Jim Huden
A Las Vegas red haired siren and her millionaire boyfriend become suspects in a murder, hundreds of miles away.
27 Aug 2016
E5. Michelle Teer and John Diamond
A lonely military wife and psychologist go searching for sex on the Internet with deadly results.
03 Sep 2016
E6. Ed and Melissa Garcia
A couple of drifters befriend a Good Samaritan with horrific results.
10 Sep 2016
E7. Heather Mack and Tommy Schaefer
A mother-daughter trip to paradise is cut short by a shocking crime.
17 Sep 2016
E8. Danielle Hudson/Chaz Blackshear
In a deadly race against the clock, authorities must piece together a string of murders led by a modern day Bonnie and Clyde.
24 Sep 2016
Carman Jenkins and Clarence Jenkins E9. Carman Jenkins and Clarence Jenkins
A senseless killing leads investigators on a manhunt to uncover the dark and bloody truth behind a couples' deranged ménage à trois.
01 Oct 2016
E10. Tanya Bogdanovich & Michael Macgregor
A couple takes their kinky sexual fantasies to a dark and deadly place.
07 Oct 2016
E30. Pilot Linda Pedroza
02 Oct 2011
Season 9
Season 9
E4. Liljegren-Martinez
E6. Paige Linville and Mario Moreno
E7. Sanchez Speaks
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