The Avengers (1961)

The Avengers (1961)

Years: 1961−1969

Duration: 60 min

Country: UK

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime

Writer: Sydney Newman

Stars: Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg, Honor Blackman

A quirky spy show of the adventures of an eccentricly suave British agent and his predominately female partners.

IMDb: TT0054518

Rating: 8.4/10 from 4288

Season 1
Season 1
Hot Snow E1. Hot Snow
When Dr. David Keel's fiancée is murdered by drug smugglers, the distraught physician swears to avenge her death by bringing the criminals to justice. He's aided in his quest by a ...
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Brought to Book E2. Brought to Book
Steed infiltrates a heroin-selling gang to get the evidence needed to convict Dr. Keel's fiancée's murderer. Dr. Keel discovers a rival gang has hired an assassin to kill Steed.
14 Jan 1961
Square Root of Evil E3. Square Root of Evil
Steed impersonates a master forger to get evidence against a gang of vicious criminals. Steed well-laid plans are thrown for a loop when the forger's girlfriend shows up demanding ...
21 Jan 1961
Nightmare E4. Nightmare
Dr. Keel poses as the missing husband of one of his patients and is shot for his troubles. A murderous anesthesiologist plans to finish the job by tampering with Dr. Keel's oxygen ...
28 Jan 1961
Crescent Moon E5. Crescent Moon
A General fakes his own death and arranges his daughter to be kidnapped in an attempt to thwart his wife's plan to grab his entire fortune. Unfortunately, the girl falls into the w...
04 Feb 1961
Girl on the Trapeze E6. Girl on the Trapeze
Dr. Keel rescues a girl who tries to commit suicide by jumping into the Thames River. He discovers that the young lady is a trapeze artist with a visiting circus and foreign agents...
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Diamond Cut Diamond E7. Diamond Cut Diamond
While investigating a gang of diamond smugglers, Steed is drugged and finds himself accused of a hit-and-run accident.
18 Feb 1961
The Radioactive Man E8. The Radioactive Man
An immigrant worker in England on a forged passport picks up a radioactive isotope by mistake. Unless he's located quickly, he and anyone near him will suffer from radiation poison...
25 Feb 1961
Ashes of Roses E9. Ashes of Roses
Steed investigates a series of arson cases. He finds a clue that the next victim will be a hairdressing salon on the verge of bankruptcy. Carol is snooping around the salon at Stee...
04 Mar 1961
Hunt the Man Down E10. Hunt the Man Down
Frank Preston is released from prison with only one thing on his mind - the recovery of 100,000 pounds that he hid after his final robbery. Frank isn't the only one after his ill-g...
18 Mar 1961
Please Don't Feed the Animals E11. Please Don't Feed the Animals
In order to get evidence on a ring of criminals who specialize in blackmailing civil servants, Steed allows himself to be compromised in a Soho strip club.
01 Apr 1961
Dance with Death E12. Dance with Death
Dr. Keel rescues a dancing instructor who nearly died from gas asphyxiation. When he returns to check on his patient, the police arrest the doctor for murder. It seems that the doc...
15 Apr 1961
One for the Mortuary E13. One for the Mortuary
When Dr. Keel attends a conference in Switzerland he is arrested for murder. The police also discover a microdot containing secret information that Keel was unwittingly transportin...
29 Apr 1961
The Springers E14. The Springers
In order to smash a gang who specialize in jail breaking, Steed plays a prisoner with plenty of money and a desperate need be sprung from prison.
13 May 1961
The Frighteners E15. The Frighteners
Sir Thomas Waller disapproves of his daughter's choice in boyfriends and hires a criminal to scare off an unwanted suitor. Keel and Steed rescue the swain from the criminal's hench...
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The Yellow Needle E16. The Yellow Needle
After an assassination attempt on Dr. Keel's friend, a pro-Western African leader, Keel investigates the man's secretary, while Steed flies to Africa to search for the conspiracy's...
10 Jun 1961
Death on the Slipway E17. Death on the Slipway
When a government agent dies at a secret shipyard used to build submarines, Steed discovers foreign spies had arranged for the "accident."
24 Jun 1961
Double Danger E18. Double Danger
Dr. Keel discovers that a man's serious injury is a dangerous bullet wound and the injured man may be linked to a recent diamond heist.
08 Jul 1961
Toy Trap E19. Toy Trap
Dr. Keel agrees to help the daughter of an old friend find her missing roommate. He traces the girl to the seamy underworld of prostitution.
22 Jul 1961
Tunnel of Fear E20. Tunnel of Fear
Top-secret documents are disappearing and Steed trails them to a tawdry fairgrounds in Southend. He's captured, hypnotized and left bound in a train tunnel to await his fate.
05 Aug 1961
The Far Distant Dead E21. The Far Distant Dead
While assisting hurricane victims in a remote Mexican village Dr. Keel treats a number of food-poisoning cases. He discovers that the vegetable oil the villagers have been given to...
19 Aug 1961
Kill the King E22. Kill the King
A foreign monarch visiting London to sign a oil deal is targeted for assassination by dissidents from his native land.
02 Sep 1961
Dead of Winter E23. Dead of Winter
Steed and Keel confront a group of British fascists after discovering a Nazi war criminal frozen in a cryogenics experiment.
09 Dec 1961
The Deadly Air E24. The Deadly Air
When a revolutionary, but experimental, vaccine is stolen from a top-secret laboratory and a volunteer who was administered a dose dies, Keel and Steed agree to be human guinea pig...
16 Dec 1961
A Change of Bait E25. A Change of Bait
A businessman struggles to sell a load of bananas before he dies from heart failure.
23 Dec 1961
Dragonsfield E26. Dragonsfield
Steed is sent to research facility when a scientist developing a radiation-proof material dies of radiation.
30 Dec 1961
Season 2
Season 2
Mr. Teddy Bear E1. Mr. Teddy Bear
One-Ten is convinced that the man is murdered while being interviewed on a live television show was the victim of a hired-killer called "The Teddy Bear." He concocts a plot to trap...
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Propellant 23 E2. Propellant 23
Steed and Cathy travel to Marseilles to pick up a flask of a secret new rocket fuel. When they arrive at the airport, they find the bottle gone and their contact dead. The pair bat...
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The Decapod E3. The Decapod
The president of a Balkan Republic is menaced by a masked assassin. Although Steed is sent to augment the visiting dignitary's security detail, his bodyguards are murdered one by o...
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Bullseye E4. Bullseye
The Home Office becomes concerned when gunrunning to Africa increases and the stockholders of a prominent British gun manufacturer are being murdered one by one. Cathy buys 20 perc...
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Mission to Montreal E5. Mission to Montreal
A microfilm of North American early warning plans has been stolen and is believed to be somewhere in the luggage of a fading film star. Steed and Dr. King are assigned to retrieve ...
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The Removal Men E6. The Removal Men
Steed is ordered to infiltrate a gang of assassins. His appointment with their leader is in a small jazz club where Venus Smith is singing.
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The Mauritius Penny E7. The Mauritius Penny
A stamp collector is murdered after he discovers an extremely rare penny stamp being offered for sale on the open market. Cathy takes a job in the stamp collectors store to gather ...
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Death of a Great Dane E8. Death of a Great Dane
Steed investigates when the autopsy of a automobile accident victim reveals 50,000 pounds worth of diamonds in his stomach.
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The Sell-Out E9. The Sell-Out
While guarding a United Nations negotiator after an assassination attempt, Steed and a colleague fall under suspicion for selling state secrets.
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Death on the Rocks E10. Death on the Rocks
Steed and Cathy investigate the death of diamond importer's wife and its connection to smuggled diamonds that are flooding the market.
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Traitor in Zebra E11. Traitor in Zebra
Steed and Cathy investigate security leaks at a secret Navy base which renders its missile defense system useless. The trail leads to a sweet shop and the local pub with a very spe...
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The Big Thinker E12. The Big Thinker
A powerful computer used to target incoming missiles continually breaks down. When one of scientists who developed the machine is found dead inside it, Steed and Cathy are asked to...
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Death Dispatch E13. Death Dispatch
The Home Office is mystified when a diplomatic courier dies defending a satchel full of mundane documents. Steed and Cathy follow a trail of clues from Jamaica to Chile to Argentin...
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Dead on Course E14. Dead on Course
A Canadian plane crashes under mysterious circumstances in Ireland. Steed's leads take him to the Shamrock airport and a convent, while Dr. King performs autopsies on the dead pass...
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Intercrime E15. Intercrime
Cathy Gale impersonates a female assassin in order to get evidence needed to break up an international criminal syndicate. Before Cathy can complete her mission, the real murderess...
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Immortal Clay E16. Immortal Clay
Cathy's friends claim to have invented an unbreakable ceramic. Sinister forces want the formula for uses that have nothing to do with cups and saucers.
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Box of Tricks E17. Box of Tricks
Steed traces stolen classified documents to a nightclub where Venus Smith is working as a magician's assistant.
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Warlock E18. Warlock
Steed is asked to guard a revolutionary new formula for fuel when its inventor is discovered in a coma. When he learns that the scientist was a member of a black magic cult, he and...
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The Golden Eggs E19. The Golden Eggs
A thief steals two gold-plated eggs from Dr. Ashe, not realizing they house a deadly virus. Even though the burglar becomes extremely ill, he refuses to reveal where he has hidden ...
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School for Traitors E20. School for Traitors
Steed investigates the alleged suicide of a college instructor and discovers that the weapon the man used to kill himself was a pistol with a silencer attached.
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The White Dwarf E21. The White Dwarf
A famous astronomer predicts that the entry into the solar system of a small star will result in the destruction of the Earth. Steed and Cathy try to discover the connection, if an...
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Man in the Mirror E22. Man in the Mirror
Venus Smith's camera and film are stolen at a fair. When Venus develops the one roll remaining in her possession she discovers she has taken a photograph of a man thought to have c...
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Conspiracy of Silence E23. Conspiracy of Silence
Steed survives an attempt by the Mafia to assassinate him for interfering with their drug traffic and tracks the would-be killers to a smaller provincial circus.
14 Jan 2011
A Chorus of Frogs E24. A Chorus of Frogs
While on holiday in Greece, Steed becomes involved in the investigation of a deep sea diver's mysterious death.
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Six Hands Across a Table E25. Six Hands Across a Table
Cathy's quiet weekend visiting with a friend is ruined by treachery, scheming and mysterious accidents.
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Killer Whale E26. Killer Whale
Steed suspects that the gymnasium Cathy is using to train a prize-fighter is actually the front for a gang of ambergris smugglers.
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Season 3
Season 3
Brief for Murder E1. Brief for Murder
The Avengers are tasked to investigate the Lakin brothers, two elderly lawyers with an amazing success record, having recently had an obvious traitor acquitted. In order to find ou...
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The Undertakers E2. The Undertakers
A man whom Steed was to escort to New York disappears, before re-surfacing at the Adelphi Park Retirement Home. Then his neighbour turns up there. All the residents at the home are...
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Man with Two Shadows E3. Man with Two Shadows
A young government official staying at a holiday camp is killed and replaced by an exact double, part of a plan to gain information. Two other doppelgangers are also part of the pl...
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The Nutshell E4. The Nutshell
The Nutshell is the name of a secure underground bunker, to be used by the government in the event of a nuclear war and Steed and Mrs. Gale are shown around it. When military secre...
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Death of a Batman E5. Death of a Batman
Steed attends the funeral of his former batman Wrightson, who had become a draughtsman on a modest salary in civilian life. However, at the will reading everyone is shocked to lear...
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November Five E6. November Five
Michael Dyter, the newly elected M.P. for South East Anglia, is assassinated after he has threatened to expose a government plot concerning the theft of a nuclear warhead. Mrs. Gal...
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The Gilded Cage E7. The Gilded Cage
J. P. Spagge is an international criminal mastermind and The Avengers have a plan to trap him. They pose as thieves out to steal three million pounds worth of gold from a holding v...
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Second Sight E8. Second Sight
Steed is involved in the escort of a pair of corneas to be used in a graft to give sight to Martin Halvarsson, a millionaire who has been blind since the Second World War. A doctor...
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The Medicine Men E9. The Medicine Men
Steed discovers that somebody is flooding the market with cheap imitations of medical products being manufactured by the Willis-Sopwith Pharmaceutical Company. Furthermore, there i...
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The Grandeur That Was Rome E10. The Grandeur That Was Rome
When a spate of strange diseases breaks out on a global scale, the Avengers find out that grain being distributed by the United Food and Dressing Limited, has been deliberately tam...
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The Golden Fleece E11. The Golden Fleece
Leaving a Chinese restaurant Steed picks up the wrong coat and finds a cheque to the value of £5,000 drawn to a bank in Hong Kong. It becomes evident that the restaurant is the fro...
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Don't Look Behind You E12. Don't Look Behind You
Mrs. Gale is invited to spend a weekend at the stately home of Sir Cavalier Rasagne, an authority on medieval costume. However, when she arrives there is no sign of her host and be...
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Death a La Carte E13. Death a La Carte
A Middle eastern emir, Abdulla Akaba, comes to London as he does every year for his health check up by specialist doctor Spender. Steed believes that the emir will be killed by poi...
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Dressed to Kill E14. Dressed to Kill
All of the country's early warning systems bar one go off, mistakenly suggesting a nuclear attack. When land is about to be sold, adjacent to the one that was not sounded, interest...
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The White Elephant E15. The White Elephant
Snowy, an albino elephant, is stolen from Noah's Ark, a specialist zoo run by Noah Marshall, specializing in distributing rare animals. Mrs. Gale's experience of living in Africa e...
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The Little Wonders E16. The Little Wonders
The late reverend Harbottle was not what he seemed, as the gun and the antique German doll containing a micro-film,found in his belongings testify. In fact he was a member of Bibli...
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The Wringer E17. The Wringer
When five British agents working on the Corinthia espionage line between Austria and Hungary disappear, Steed is sent to investigate. Sadly for him, the sole survivor, Hal Anderson...
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Mandrake E18. Mandrake
Steed attends the funeral of a former colleague and not only suspects foul play but is struck by the fact that the tiny, isolated Cornish churchyard contains the corpses of several...
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The Secrets Broker E19. The Secrets Broker
An agent is killed at a wine shop and Steed realises that one of two brothers ,Frederick Paignton, who work in the shop has been blackmailed by his boss into the murder. In the sho...
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Trojan Horse E20. Trojan Horse
Whilst protecting the race horse of a visiting dignitary in England for the current racing season Steed observes that George Meadows, owner of the livery stables, is behaving oddly...
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Build a Better Mousetrap E21. Build a Better Mousetrap
Angered by a noisy motor bike gang who ride on their land, elderly sisters Cynthia and Ermyntrude Peck, who claim to be witches, cast a spell which causes all the motor-bikes to st...
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The Outside-In Man E22. The Outside-In Man
Five years earlier the British Secret Service ordered Mark Charter to assassinate Sharp, a renegade British agent who defected to the enemy state of Abarain. But now the two countr...
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The Charmers E23. The Charmers
Agent Vinkel is the latest spy from 'the other side' to get polished off and, as ever, Steed is implicated but he persuades the opposition it would be best for the two camps to tea...
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Concerto E24. Concerto
Stefan Veliko, a young Russian pianist, is making his concert debut in London. However, he is being used as a pawn in a game to wreck Anglo-Soviet relationships. First a young woma...
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Esprit De Corps E25. Esprit De Corps
Young Highland Guardsman Corporal Craig is found shot, his corpse containing bullets from three separate guns. He has been shot by a firing squad, for treason, and when Steed re-en...
1 link 05 Feb 2011
Lobster Quadrille E26. Lobster Quadrille
In investigating the death of a colleague who has died in a fire Steed and Mrs. Gale find an ornately-carved chess piece in the dead man's possession. This leads them to an importa...
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Season 4
Season 4
The Town of No Return E1. The Town of No Return
Steed and Emma visit a mysterious coastal town where several agents have vanished, and where the locals are not all they seem.
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The Gravediggers E2. The Gravediggers
Steed & Peel must find out why an early warning radar is failing. Emma joins the staff of The Sir Horace Winslip Hospital for Ailing Railwaymen while Steed has lunch with Sir Horac...
1 link 17 Feb 2009
The Cybernauts E3. The Cybernauts
The Avengers investigate a series of murders of Corporate men, who have all been bidding on a new circuit element. Each one of them seems to have been killed by a powerful Karate b...
1 link 15 Feb 2011
Death at Bargain Prices E4. Death at Bargain Prices
When a colleague is found dead in a large London department store Steed and Mrs. Peel go undercover as staff members, exposing a dastardly plot by the wheelchair-bound Horatio Kane...
1 link 17 Feb 2009
Castle De'ath E5. Castle De'ath
When an agent in diving gear is found dead in a Scottish loch yet substantially taller than he was whilst he was alive Steed and Mrs. Peel visit a remote castle owned by the feudin...
1 link 16 Feb 2011
The Master Minds E6. The Master Minds
Government minister Sir Clive Todd is wounded as he and other ministers try to steal top secret documents. He has no idea why he did it and hypnosis is suggested. All concerned bel...
1 link 14 Oct 2010
The Murder Market E7. The Murder Market
Mr. Steed and Mrs. Peel investigate a murder-for-hire organization fronting as a matchmaking bureau.
1 link 18 Feb 2011
A Surfeit of H2O E8. A Surfeit of H2O
After a village poacher drowns in the middle of an open field, The Avengers are soon on the trail of a mad scientist able to control the weather.
1 link 09 Feb 2007
The Hour That Never Was E9. The Hour That Never Was
On their way to a closing down party at an air base the Avengers' car crashes when they swerve to avoid hitting a dog. The air base proves to be deserted and Steed is knocked out. ...
1 link 17 Feb 2009
Dial a Deadly Number E10. Dial a Deadly Number
Company chairmen across the city are dropping dead, apparently through natural causes. Can Steed and Mrs Peel discover who is making a killing?
1 link 26 Mar 2008
Man-Eater of Surrey Green E11. Man-Eater of Surrey Green
A man-eating plant from outer space lands in Middle England and takes several top horticulturists as its prisoners in an effort to germinate the Earth. Fortunately for the Earth, S...
1 link 22 Feb 2011
Two's a Crowd E12. Two's a Crowd
A mysterious Russian called Psev is arriving for a conference at which Steed and Mrs. Peel have been hired to act as the security guards. However, a man called Gordon Webster who i...
1 link 15 Nov 2009
Too Many Christmas Trees E13. Too Many Christmas Trees
Steed has been having bad dreams involving Christmas trees and a man dressed as Santa Claus. At a party given by publisher and Dickens fan Brandon Storey, two telepathic spies atte...
1 link 24 Feb 2011
Silent Dust E14. Silent Dust
When birds begin to fall from branches in flocks, it seems someone is using the banned chemical Silent Dust in the countryside of Cornwall. Steed and Peel soon find out a that a sm...
1 link 25 Feb 2011
Room Without a View E15. Room Without a View
Dr. Wadkin, one of 7 scientist who have disappeared over the last year, suddenly reappears and attacks his Chinese wife. Steed and Peel find out that all of the missing scientist s...
1 link 26 Feb 2011
Small Game for Big Hunters E16. Small Game for Big Hunters
A man dressed in tropical clothes is found in Hertfortshire with an Kalayan arrow in his back. He has then fallen into a coma, yet there is no poison to be detected. All clues lead...
1 link 27 Feb 2011
The Girl from Auntie E17. The Girl from Auntie
When Steed returns home early from a holiday, he finds Mrs. Peel replaced by an actress, Georgie Price-Jones. Subsequently everyone involved in the hiring of Georgie is stabbed to ...
1 link 28 Feb 2011
The Thirteenth Hole E18. The Thirteenth Hole
Steed and Mrs. Peel join an exclusive golf club to catch a government scientist passing secrets to the Iron Curtain.
1 link 01 Mar 2011
Quick-Quick Slow Death E19. Quick-Quick Slow Death
When a foreign agent is caught trying to dispose of a body, the investigation leads Steed and Mrs. Peel to a dancing school that's infiltrating the country with enemy spies.
1 link 03 Mar 2011
The Danger Makers E20. The Danger Makers
Someone is organizing a group of danger craving psychopaths. Steed and Mrs. Peel must stop them before their next caper - stealing the crown jewels.
1 link 05 Mar 2011
A Touch of Brimstone E21. A Touch of Brimstone
A modern day Hellfire Club, led by libertine John Cleverly Cartney, plans to incite chaos by killing three foreign Prime Ministers.
1 link 06 Mar 2011
What the Butler Saw E22. What the Butler Saw
Steed enrolls in a prestigious Butler school to investigate a leak in Government secrets. Emma attempts to seduce one of the three main suspects, an RAF playboy known to the ladies...
1 link 04 Feb 2015
The House That Jack Built E23. The House That Jack Built
Mrs. Peel is bequeathed an old house by an uncle Jack, whom she never knew existed. In the event, he did not exist. The house is a former lunatic asylum and it is all a ruse by a v...
1 link 13 Dec 2006
A Sense of History E24. A Sense of History
Economist James Broom is shot with an arrow by one of a group dressed as Robin Hood whilst on his way to meet a man opposed to his Utopian vision of a new Europe. The trail leads t...
1 link 10 Mar 2011
How to Succeed ....At Murder E25. How to Succeed ....At Murder
Eleven businessmen and counting have been mysteriously murdered, their affairs taken over by their able secretaries. The smell of perfume lingering over one of the dead bodies lead...
1 link 10 Mar 2011
Honey for the Prince E26. Honey for the Prince
Two undercover agents are shot at Q.Q.F. Incorporated but one survives long enough to clue in Steed and Peel. So, Steed visits the Quite Quite Fantastic office (where fantasies are...
1 link 03 May 2006
Season 5
Season 5
E1. From Venus with Love
The members of a society that watches Venus are dying one by one from something that turns them completely white, so Steed joins them to flush out the culprit while Peel chases a l...
1 link 12 Mar 2011
E2. The Fear Merchants
The executives of several ceramics companies are being driven crazy or killed by fear. The trail leads to a consulting company with some unusual techniques for helping their client...
1 link 13 Mar 2011
E3. Escape in Time
When a mad miscreant whips up a time machine, it takes The Avengers no time at all to show him the "era" of his ways.
1 link 04 Jul 2010
E4. The See-Through Man
When an enemy agent purchases a secret "invisibilty" formula, it takes the perceptive Avengers to see through his plans. The Avengers deals with the Cold War with an aristocratic d...
1 link 15 Mar 2011
E5. The Bird Who Knew Too Much
Two spies have obtained information about a secret missile base which they are passing to the other side, via a person known as Captain Caruso, whom the Avengers are charged to loc...
1 link 28 May 2009
E6. The Winged Avenger
Several businessmen have been killed, the murderer having apparently clawed them to death so that the initial suspect is an author who owns a bird of prey and had a grudge against ...
1 link 19 Mar 2011
E7. The Living Dead
Five years after a mine disaster, Mrs. Peel and Steed are called upon to investigate the spooky goings-on at the local inn. The ghost of the 16th Duke of Benedict, who was reputedl...
1 link 27 Mar 2011
E8. The Hidden Tiger
What seems to be a man eating tiger on the loose is actually the first step in a plan to take over the whole of England.
1 link 12 Jan 2013
E9. The Correct Way to Kill
Somebody is systematically killing off foreign agents and Steed, who is initially implicated, declares a truce and calls on his Russian opposite number, Nutski. Along with Soviet a...
1 link 19 Mar 2011
E10. Never, Never Say Die
The Avengers "are needed" after reports that a motorist has repeatedly run over and supposedly killed the same person. Their investigations lead them to the country and the top sec...
1 link 02 Oct 2006
E11. Epic
Z.Z. von Schnerk, a mad Teutonic film director of the Erich von Stroheim variety, along with his has-been leading actor and actress, Stewart Kirby and Damita Syn, capture Mrs. Peel...
1 link 26 Apr 2007
E12. The Superlative Seven
Steed is invited to a party on an aeroplane with six other people who include a matador, a cowboy and a circus strong man. As the pilotless , remote-controlled craft takes off, a v...
1 link 08 Oct 2008
E13. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Station
Whilst travelling on an express train on a quest to find a missing agent, Steed and Mrs. Peel get caught up in an assassination attempt on the life of the British Prime Minister on...
1 link 25 Mar 2011
E14. Something Nasty in the Nursery
Reliable men are reverting to childhood, and blabbing all of their secrets to kindly old "Nanny Roberts."
1 link 22 Mar 2011
E15. The Joker
Mrs. Peel is invited to a bridge party at a house on Exmoor but when she arrives she discovers that she has been lured there by a man known as 'The joker'. She had once helped to p...
1 link 26 Mar 2011
E16. Who's Who???
Mad scientist Dr. Krelmar is working on a machine that allows two people to swap minds and enemy agents Basil and Lola intend to use it with the Avengers to get them to destroy the...
1 link 08 Oct 2008
Season 6
Season 6
E1. Return of the Cybernauts
Paul Beresford, the brother of Clement Armstrong, the creator of the Cybernauts, blames Steed and Mrs. Peel for his brother's death at the cold hands of his own creations. Aided by...
1 link 29 Sep 2008
E2. Death's Door
Sir Andrew Boyd, the British delegate at a European peace conference has a dream in which he is run over and killed by a car. The dream comes true. The Avengers are charged with th...
1 link 01 Apr 2011
E3. The £50,000 Breakfast
The Avengers go to the dogs as their only lead when $50,000 of stolen diamonds is found in a dead man's stomach. Mismatched Borzoi hairs lead Steed and Emma to a pet cemetery where...
1 link 23 Mar 2011
E4. Dead Man's Treasure
The hunt for a murdered courier's despatch leads Steed and Emma to a deadly car race with a "shocking" surprise at the finish line. It takes The Avengers to flag down the murderers...
1 link 24 Mar 2011
E5. You Have Just Been Murdered
Steed and Mrs. Peel stop a clever blackmailing scheme targeting millionaires.
1 link 04 Aug 2008
E6. The Positive Negative Man
A scientist is killed by having been hurled through and embedded in a wall. This is the latest death of a person engaged in the government's Project 90, whose documents can also no...
1 link 04 Apr 2011
E7. Murdersville
When Mrs. Peel's friend Major Croft goes missing she traces him to the picture postcard village of Little Storping. Unfortunately the entire population are assassins for hire who l...
1 link 05 Apr 2011
E8. Mission... Highly Improbable
A car carrying two Ministry officials, enroute to investigate the budget overruns on Professor Rushton's latest project, vanishes under escort. Steed goes to investigate, and disco...
1 link 06 Apr 2011
Season 7
Season 7
E1. The Forget-Me-Knot
Steed's colleague Sean Mortimer comes to see him in a very confused state. He knows there is a traitor in the organization but he has been drugged to put him in an amnesiac state a...
01 Nov 2006
Game E2. Game
Tara and Steed try to put the pieces together when people begin showing up dead in unique locations with jigsaw puzzle pieces on their person.
25 Apr 2011
Super Secret Cypher Snatch E3. Super Secret Cypher Snatch
Secrets are leaking out of Cipher HQ like a sieve, but all of the employees insist that everything has been "perfectly normal." However, The Avengers find a link between the stolen...
15 Feb 2010
You'll Catch Your Death E4. You'll Catch Your Death
The Avengers investigate the Anastasia Nursing Academy, whose matron and her partner Glover are developing the ultimate in germ warfare - a virus which causes the victim to literal...
21 Apr 2011
Split! E5. Split!
Security agents are being murdered, and the clues point to notorious foreign agent Boris Kartovski. The only problem is that Steed killed Kartovski five years earlier.
12 Apr 2011
Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40? E6. Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?
George is the country's top computer but somebody is attempting to sabotage him via shooting, acid corrosion and shutting him down. He is able to send part of a message on a print-...
20 Apr 2011
False Witness E7. False Witness
Witnesses and agents investigating upper class blackmailer Lord Edgefield can't seem to tell the truth.
26 Apr 2011
All Done with Mirrors E8. All Done with Mirrors
Somebody is leaking secrets from the Carmadoc research institute and suspicion falls upon Steed, who has been spending some time there. He is accordingly put under rather luxurious...
22 Apr 2011
Legacy of Death E9. Legacy of Death
Steed comes into possession of a jewelled ornamental dagger, known as the Falcon. It is highly sought after because it will lead to the whereabouts of the world's most valuable bla...
29 Apr 2011
Noon-Doomsday E10. Noon-Doomsday
Having broken his leg, Steed is now convalescing in a private hospital, where he is visited by Miss King. However, she has been followed - by Gerald Kafka - the driven former head ...
28 Apr 2011
Look - (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers... E11. Look - (Stop Me If You've Heard This One) But There Were These Two Fellers...
Directors of the Capitol Land and Development Company are being killed. They have the tender for the Cupid project, an underground government headquarters in the event of a nuclear...
14 Apr 2011
Have Guns - Will Haggle E12. Have Guns - Will Haggle
When three thousand army rifles are stolen Steed suspects the visiting Colonel Nsonga, who is planning a revolution in his home country in Africa. Actually a mercenary woman called...
09 Apr 2011
They Keep Killing Steed E13. They Keep Killing Steed
Enemy agent Arcos has invented a form of instant plastic surgery and he uses it to imprison Steed and create a double, who is sent to throw a spanner in the works at an important p...
02 May 2011
The Interrogators E14. The Interrogators
A foreign agent in the guise of a Colonel Mannering has found an ingenious method of extracting secret information from British agents.
24 Jun 2015
The Rotters E15. The Rotters
Members of the Institue of Timber Technology have been killed to prevent them from standing in the way of a dastardly plot hatched by WormDoom Ltd, a pair of assassins who have per...
05 May 2011
Invasion of the Earthmen E16. Invasion of the Earthmen
Following up a clue found on a dead agent Steed and Miss King pose as a married couple ,enabling them to infiltrate the Alpha Academy, where they claim they wish to enrol their 'so...
10 Apr 2011
Killer E17. Killer
A succession of British agents have been killed in different ways but each one has been carefully wrapped in polythene before being dumped in a graveyard. With Miss King on her hol...
04 May 2011
The Morning After E18. The Morning After
Having been rendered unconscious by knock-out gas in his pursuit of rogue agent Jimmy Merlin, Steed awakes to find that London is deserted and under martial law, headed by Brigadie...
07 May 2011
The Curious Case of the Countless Clues E19. The Curious Case of the Countless Clues
With Miss King out of action nursing a broken ankle Steed goes it alone when Scotland Yard colleague Sir Arthur Doyle brings him in on a murder enquiry, with an abundance of clues,...
23 Oct 2007
Wish You Were Here E20. Wish You Were Here
A holiday resort has a strict "no check out" policy for certain guests, including Tara King, in this clever parody of Patrick McGoohan's "The Prisoner."
30 Apr 2011
Love All E21. Love All
Responsible old government bureaucrats are suddenly falling madly in love with the homely office charwoman - and they can't wait to tell her all of their secrets.
10 May 2011
Stay Tuned E22. Stay Tuned
With whole weeks missing from his life and evidence of actions that he simply cannot remember, Steed finds himself in an endless series of 'deja vu' situations. In reality he is sl...
12 May 2011
Take Me to Your Leader E23. Take Me to Your Leader
Steed and Tara follow a chain of couriers passing a sophisticated briefcase that's carrying a large payoff for an unidentified traitor within the government.
11 May 2011
Fog E24. Fog
The Avengers must identify a modern day "Jack the Ripper," targeting members of an international disarmament conference.
17 Jun 2010
Who Was That Man I Saw You With? E25. Who Was That Man I Saw You With?
An ingenious mastermind makes Tara look like a traitor as part of a diabolical plot to start WW III.
15 May 2011
Homicide and Old Lace E26. Homicide and Old Lace
To celebrate his birthday 'Mother' goes to visit two elderly aunts to whom he tells a story from the Avengers' case files. It involves a criminal caper to steal art treasures. The ...
08 Apr 2011
Thingumajig E27. Thingumajig
The vicar of a Norman church asks the Avengers' help when a team of archaeologists excavating a site underneath the church are all killed and their bodies rendered completely devoi...
08 May 2011
My Wildest Dream E28. My Wildest Dream
Following a tip-off Steed and Miss King are present when a member of the Acme Precision Combine is stabbed, seemingly by a sleep-walker who has no recollection of the murder. This ...
19 Apr 2011
Requiem E29. Requiem
Coming home from a costume party Miranda Loxton witnessed a killing by a member of Murder International and Steed is assigned to protect her until she gives evidence at the trial. ...
16 May 2011
Take-Over E30. Take-Over
Three men and a woman called Circe politely call on the country home of Steed's friends, married couple Bill and Laura Bassett. Unfortunately their visit turns sinister as they pla...
14 May 2006
Pandora E31. Pandora
Miss King is abducted whilst visiting an antique shop and wakes up in a room beautifully furnished in a style from fifty years earlier. She is addressed as Pandora. Steed follows a...
23 Jul 2015
Get-A-Way! E32. Get-A-Way!
Three captured Russian spies are being held at the seemingly escape-proof Oldhill Monastery, but two of them do manage to escape, simply by making themselves seem invisible, thanks...
13 Apr 2011
Bizarre E33. Bizarre
Found wandering in a snowy field Helen Pritchard claims to have seen a man who was supposed to have been a corpse but was very much alive. This leads Steed to investigate the Happy...
18 May 2011
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